Enjoy the view, unique premises and the friendly hosts at Yttervik Farm, Beitstad in Steinkjer.

Welcome to Yttervik Gård

All seasons have their charm and at Yttervik we live with the wind and weather inside the banqueting premises. In the kitchen, the food is inspired by the seasons and made from scratch. With predominately local produce, and where at all possible organic, we serve delicious dishes flavoured by our powerful herbs grown on site. In the repurposed greenhouse or the cow barn with its charming timber walls from 1936, ambiance is created to suit all occasions.

Beautifully set table at Yttervik Farm in Beistad, Steinkjer


The beauty of these premises is that they wary in line with the seasons, see the wind rustle outside, hear the rain drumming against the roof, feel the sun warming your body and take in the silence when twilight sets in and candle lights are lit. A sense of a garden party in the summer, full of evocative ambience when the dark seeps in and Christmas mood with snowy surroundings when the winter arrives at Yttervik. No matter the occasion, we will create the right atmosphere.

The Greenhouse
In a repurposed greenhouse we entice moods for all occasions, be it a party, meeting or event. We host all types of events from Christenings to memorials and corporate events from conferences, meetings, dinners and Christmas parties. The greenhouse can accommodate larger groups, but are also suitable for smaller parties.

Capacity meetings:
Classroom: 56
U-shape: 40
E-shape: 52
Double E-shape: 64
(Not suitable during the bright season as lights cannot be dimmed)

Up to 150 people

The Cow Barn
The Cow Barn from 1936 with its charming timber walls and stylish furnishings has become an innovative and exciting meetings and events location. Why not combine for instance a meeting in the Cow Barn with lunch or dinner in the Greenhouse!

Capacity meetings:
The Cow Barn and the Pig Barn:
Classroom: 22
U-shape: 17
Boardroom: 14
Small tables/group tables: 40

Capacity banqueting:
The Cow Barn and the Pig Barn:
T-shape: 22
U-shape: 34
Small tables: 40

Fresh herbs and organic vegetables are served at Yttervik Farm


At Yttervik we serve food from our own kitchen and as far as possible, we obtain raw materials locally, preferably organic and use our own herbs for flavoring food. Meals are composed by season and available ingredients. We emphasise the “housewife’s fare” and its traditions, combined with international cuisine.

Yoga at Yttervik farm


We propose a list of short activities that can be combined with a meeting, conference or gathering.

The group will be split into smaller groups of about 3-5 people. With good preparation from us at Yttervik, each group will be preparing their own dip / sauce / dressing / herb butter or other simple things that are easy to make. The recipes and what they need is set out, but it is up to the group itself to pick the herbs needed for each recipe. They will be encouraged to taste their way and recipes will be made so that there is room to experiment. This provides opportunities for some discussion and training to taste their way to the perfect result.

We start out by the farm yard and proceed to the hill nearby where we are met with a great overview of Vellamelen, 90 m.a.s.l and a sweeping view over Hellbotn and Follafjella in west. We continue along the old road that was the main approach to these farms in the 1800s, where we take a breather accommpanied by stories about herring fishing in the Beistad fjord. Finally, we stroll up to the bivouac above the farm where we are met with an even grander view of Beistad. Servings of coffee, local beer and refreshments.

On Brattberg hill, close to Yttervik, we have a great recrational/nature trail that takes about an hour to walk in a fast pace. The hike takes you to Østvik castle, one of the largest historic rural fortresses in the area, with a beautiful view of Beistad.

The group is introduced to the process of baking good and nutritious bread with ancient grains and sourdough culture. They will be taken through the process from setting up a sourdough culture, making the dough and baking the finished product. There will be talk about the benefits of baking with sourdough, what it does for our body and how exciting and rewarding it is to bake with sour dough.

Yoga is all about concentration and focus, to take control of your own mental and bodily life, so that senses and mental activity settles and ultimately ends. The goal of yoga is to create peace, focus and concentration. In a busy schedule of meetings and events, it can be beneficial to disconnect completely for a few moments. During one hour, Tora will reset you so that you to take on the rest of the day with fresh courage. This is not specifically for women and it is not very difficult. Tora tutor each so that together you can find the position that suits you. Yoga is magical and after the session you will feel the blood flowing around your body.

Cook together with friends, colleagues or family at Yttervik. After a tour of the herb garden where Åslaug talks about the herbs and their usage, the group is  divided and assigned their recipes. Åslaug, “The housewife”, is close to hand offering guidance and accompanied by a glass of wine or two, this always turns into pleasant evenings with plenty of good food and a pleasant chat.

Yttervik has become a great venue for most types of events and with its many offerings, locations and activities, Yttervik will tailor a program that will suit you and your needs. The food served here is local, where possible organic and always made from scratch. Herbs have become a trademark of the food served here. Yttervik Farm was certified as Norwegian ecotourism Company 2012