Experience the hidden gems of Innherred, visit the towns, experience the history, taste the food and get to know the people – welcome to Innherred in the heart of Trøndelag!


The tourist guide for Innherred, just one hour north of Trondheim, in the heart of Trøndelag is filled with exciting experiences. Farm food, nature- and cultural eperiences, Stiklestad – the Cradle of Norway, The Falstad centre – a WWII war memorial, The Golden Road and so much more.

Kommunene på Innherred

The municipalites in Innherred


Levanger extends from the border to Stjørdal in the south to Verdal in the north. The historic town centre of Levanger with heritage protected wooden houses is located by the fjord just west of the E6 and north of Eidsbotn.


Verdal is known as the cradle of Norway with the historic Stiklestad in which the most famous battle in Norwegian history took place in 1030. Just a short drive off E6 and just 15 minutes north of Levanger.


Inderøy and the Golden Road has one of Norways most beautiful cultural landscapes and is situated between Verdal and Steinkjer with a detour off the E6. Inderøy extends along the fjord via Skarnsundet to Mosvik on the Fosen peninsula


Steinkjer is the largest of the Innherred municipalities. Steinkjer stretches along the fjord and towards the Swedish border and from Inderøy in the south and along the Beitstadfjorden all the way out to Fosen. Steinkjer is an historic place with its Viking history, numerous ancient monuments and rock carvings. Steinkjer is also on of the most successful reconstructed towns in Norway after the devastation of the WWII bombings.


The Wilderness Municipality Snåsa encircles Lake Snåsavatnet in the north and extends over large mountain areas in the north and east towards Sweden and Namdalen. Blåfjella-Skjækerfjella spans a large part of the municipality. Snåsa is also known for its many historic Summer Mountains farms wich are open to the public in the summer season. Snåsa is a bilingual municipality and the southern Sami culture is an integral and important part of Snåsa. At Saemien Sijte – a muesum and cultural centre you can learn more about the South-Sami culture.

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