The Viking Festival at Egge Museum in Steinkjer is a 3 day family festival which takes place at the historical Viking chieftain seat Egge Farm. The festival is arranged every second year by Egge Museum and the next festival is on the 7 – 9 July 2017.

The festival focus
Viking Festival focuses on what is historically correct, staging, creativity, playfulness, good communication with the public and involvement. Guests at the Viking Festival will see, try, taste and smell.

Viking Festival at Egge is, among others, a marketplace with participants from all over Europe. At the Viking market you enter another world. Between Viking tents and stalls there are campfires and cooking of food, while traders offer products the Vikings may well have offered themselves. You can buy bow and arrows, swords and Viking jewelry, Viking clothes, leather work , glass beads and other unique items. Here you can meet skilled craftsmen, and often it si the trade people themselves who have created what they sell. You can complete your viking costume or purchase a fine travel memory from the Viking Festival at Egge Museum. Amongst other things you can obtain steel buckles to a woman’s costume – which are replicas of those found on one of the burial mounds here at Egge.

Are you interested in participating?
Please contact Kai Johansen or phone 41 49 18 99.

Egge Museum need you!
Can you imagine being a part of the festival and to have a different role than as a customer? Do you have activities or entertainment to contribute, you want to be a market participant in a Viking outfit, do you want to help with rigging or ticket sales or maybe other things? Please contact Egge Museum on email: