Experience unique defense history in Verdal. High above the river Inna and not far from Vaterholmen camp, you’ll find The Værdalske Fortifications.

They verdalske fortifications can be experienced through a thrilling trail through historic landscape with cascading rapids, lush vegetation and steep mountain walls.

The two rock galleries known as the Northern and Southern Galleries make up the main part of the fortifications at Værdal. The installations consist of two tunnels on either side of the valley, separated by the river Inna.

The Northern Gallery consists of a 90-metre long hall cut into the rock in a straight line, equipped with sites for two cannons and five machine guns.

The Southern Gallery has a mountain hall of the same length, but on more levels, and with two 90 degree bends. This gallery contains two gun sites and five machine gun sites.

The purpose of the fortifications

The fortifications were intended as a first line of defence in the event of an attack on Norway. This would give the army time to mobilise and deploy the rest of the forces. The Southern Gallery was to cover the road and land to the east towards the Stormoen farm. The gallery was equipped with one “rapid-firing” cannon, a Schneider-Canet 75 mm, and two Hotchkiss 65 mm calibre machine guns.  The Northern Gallery was initially equipped with four machine guns, and in 1913 two 84 mm cannon were installed in the gallery.


The relationship with our neighbour to the east continued to be rather strained after the dissolution of the Union with Sweden in 1905. This is why the fortifications in Stjørdal and Værdal were constructed in the period 1909 – 1913.

Following the dissolution of the union with Sweden, Norway had to abandon the fortifications south of Kongsvinger. The weapons from the abandoned fortresses were after 1905 allocated to the defense of Mid Norway against possible attack from the east. The Stjør- and Værdalske Fortifications were therefore built. Construction work began in 1909 and the facilities was completed in August 1911.

Rehabilitation and reopening

Since the early 1990s, the Society for the Preservation of The Værdalske Fortifications put a lot of effort to rehabilitate the galleries and road to the fortifications to make the fortifications accessible to the public. The Northern Gallery was reopened in July 1996. In the summer of 2005 the Southern Gallery was also opened to the public, as the last of the installations inside the fortifications of Værdal

Opening times:

In the summer, the southern gallery is open to the public on most Sundays. There are refreshments and souvenirs for sale. For the rest of the year visits need to be booked. For reservations and information, please  contact Eventus Verdal Arrangement on phone number +47 92 21 11 97.

The fortifications are located by the river Inna in the municipality of Verdal. The fortress is situated 25 kilometres from the centre of Verdal and the E6 highway. Take the RV 72 road towards Sandvika and Østersund.