Do you want to find the hidden gems of Innherred, customise your holiday to your own needs and take the days as they come? We prsent you with some tips to help with your planning.

You don’t have to follow the E6 north to Innherred from Trondheim or the airport Værnes. You can com via small gravelled roads, take the ferry over the fjord or a combination!

The sea route from Trondheim

From Flakk outside of Trondheim there is a regular ferry to Rørvik in Fosen. Choose whether you want to follow the county road along the fjord to Leksvik or if you want to drive off the county road and come via Petter Nordthug’s hometown; Framverran in Mosvik via Trongsundet.

Another option is to follow the old “Kammavegen” (Fv89 and Fv192) from Leksvik to Mosvik. The road is partly in poor condition, but fully passable by car in summer. It is narrow, steep and poorly paved, but an experience! The road is not suitable for motorhomes.

The idyllic Mosvik Brygge –  a rustic restaurant in an old quay from the 1700s, is situated in Mosvik. Relax with delicious local food and drinks in charming surroundings. The hostess Ann Kristin happily tells stories of local history.
If you want to experience the Golden Route, you cross the Trondheimsfjorden via the majestic Skarnsundet bridge.

The Golden Road offers experiences for both the food lovers, art entusiasts and for those looking for a break from everyday life. Stay in an old Trønderlån (traditional Trønder farm house), an old timber saw or a tree top cabin.

The reconstructed town Steinkjer has a unique history and buildings and is today one of the country’s best-preserved Revival cities after WW2. A self-guided city walk will give you a whole new impression of the city that was carpet bombed in 1940. Recommendations for restaurants in the city centre: Chef Mathall, Dining and Catering, Ox Steakhouse or famille.

It is just under an hour’s drive from Steinkjer to Mokk Farm in Ogndal, where you are heading towards one of the country’s largest wilderness areas; Blåfjella – Skjækerfjella National Park. At Mokk Farm, the hosts are uniquely welcoming, the atmosphere pleasant and the scenery absolutely fantastic. Are you tough enough to partake in a cave tour?



Dining venues


The Skarnsund Bridge (Norwegian: Skarnsundet bru or Skarnsundbrua) is a 1,010-metre (3,310 ft) long concrete cable-stayed bridge that crosses the Skarnsundet strait, in the municipality of Inderøy in Trøndelag county, Norway. When finished in 1991, it replaced the Vangshylla–Kjerringvik Ferry and it gives the communities in the municipalities of Mosvik and Leksvik easier access to the central areas of Innherred. The bridge is the only road crossing of the Trondheimsfjord, and is located along Norwegian County Road 755.


South towards the Pilgrim path

Large parts of the pilgrim path St.Olavsleden can be experienced by car or bike, if you so wish.   If you drive from Mokk farm in Ogndal, it is best to go via the village Henning and via Brandsegg.

You will be passing the Cultural Farm Bjerkem, with its fantastic exhibition of reconstructed bunads (traditional national costumes) and other exhibitons in the old storehouse (Stabbur) on the farm.The farm’s hosts are hugely knowledgeable and will give you a truly unique experience!

Follow the country road on the eastside of Fv759 from Henning for an authentic experience of join the Fv759 from Henning  and continue south along lake Leksdalsvatnet to Stiklestad.

Stiklestad National Cultural Centre with various exhibitions and the viking longhouse Stiklastadir is a mandatory stop in Innherred. Eat delicious food in the restaurant Skalden and learn about the history of the Battle of Stiklestad from 1030.

Stay at Munkeby Herberge 20 km from Stiklestad. Follow the small side roads along the pilgrim path (or you can join the E6). From Munkeby Herberge you can follow the gravelled country roads through inner Levanger via Tomtvatnet and all the way to the E6 at Langstein in Stjørdal. Please note that these roads are not suitable for big cars during heavy rainfall. Some toll roads are to be expected.

From Langstein you can drive 8 km north along the E6 and experience Trøndelag’s coolest retro pearl in pastel; Pickup Café. A real American 50s diner! Along the road you can see the remains of the quay used by the War Ship Tirpitz from WWII.


Dining Venues


Tirpitz was the second of two Bismarck-class battleships built for Nazi Germany's Kriegsmarine (navy) during World War II. Named after Grand Admiral Alfred von Tirpitz, the architect of the Kaiserliche Marine (Imperial Navy), the ship was laid down at the Kriegsmarinewerft Wilhelmshaven in November 1936 and her hull was launched two and a half years later. Work was completed in February 1941, when she was commissioned into the German fleet. Like her sister ship Bismarck, Tirpitz was armed with a main battery of eight 38-centimetre (15 in) guns in four twin turrets. After a series of wartime modifications she was 2000 tonnes heavier than Bismarck, making her the heaviest battleship ever built by a European navy.[3]