When the journey is part of the experience or you have an hour or two more to spend on your trip to Innherred, we recommend detouring through the World Heritage site of Røros.

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Perhaps the aim of the journey to Innherred is to see the Drama About St. Olav or maybe it is Kystriksveien with island hopping on the coast of Helgeland that is tempting you? Whatever your plans, the trip to Innherred can offer even more if you choose to detour from the main road and take a bit more time on your travel.

If you drive to Innherred on motorway 3 (riksveg 3) over Østerdalen, it is not  that big a detour to go via Røros and Selbu. In exchange, you will be rewarded with experiences to remember. About half way between Oslo and Steinkjer, leave the motorway at Tynset towards Røros.

In addition to driving through stunning scenery, you get to experience the World Heritage site of Røros and its mining history. If you are lucky, you will see herds of reindeer along the road.

If you start your journey from east Norway centrally, we recommend an early morning start and plan your lunch at Røros. Enjoy a delicious lunch at Vertshuset Røros (Røros Inn) before stretching your legs with a walk around the town centre.  If you arrive at Stiklestad and restaurant Skalden before 9 pm (7 pm Fri/Sat) there is a scrumptious dinner available, before you dive into bed, satisfied with the days adventures and recharging for another day full of great experiences in Innherred.


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