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Steinkjerfestivalen June 2014 Steinkjer Festival aims to be a forum for the development, inspiration, unity; through good and unique experiences. Tjenestenavet and the festival has several areas of cooperation under development and have the common goal of creating such effects for businesses and other groups.
Tjenestenavet is development-oriented in its cooperation and take active responsibility in both the development and marketing, it is easy to find common aspirations and plans are implemented continuously.Stig Ørnvall, Chairman Steinkjer Festival


Støre Gård godt gjort June 2014 We used Tjenestenavet in connection with a department trip to Innherred in spring.
We were met by highly skilled individuals with a high degree of openness, creativity and professionalism. Beyond that, I will describe Tjenestenavet as trustworthy, reliable and genuinely interested in us as clients.We felt immediately well cared for and had confidence in the arrangement. This was further exacerbated by the fact that Tjenestenavet kept in touch and were available during the entire trip.
In sum, this meant that everyone, including us who were in charge, lowered our shoulders and enjoyed, in all respects, a successful trip.
This, combined with an extensive and exciting network of providers, means I do not have any qualms in recommending Tjenestenavet. Frank Sandnes, Special Adviser Business Development, Regional Development, Nord-Trøndelag County Council


MGP Steinkjer January 2013 Steinkjer entered into an agreement with Tjenestenavet and Christina Hedin regarding handling and sale of packages to businesses and our VIP clients, as well as facilitation of a VIP venue and the event for the rest of our partners.
Christina from Tjenestenavet is very polite, cheerful and service-minded towards customers, and gave an important contribution so that our organisation was strengthened to our partners. Astrid Skogseth Fuglesang, Steinkjer Næringsselskap Senior Advisor / Project Manager part finals MGP Steinkjer 2012


Cirkusactivities på Øyna September 2012 Thanks to “Tjenestenavet” for the help in organising our Kick-start in Intro-Innherred Trainee. We had some nice days at Øyna. The trainees were very satisfied, and there was a nice mix of “joking and seriousness” with elements provided by KultLab and Julie Grønnesby Heir. Good food and pleasant stay at Husfrua too
Anne Grete Wold, Intro-Innherred Trainee.


Stiklestad Hotell
Tegneøvelse på Kulturgården Bjerkem
December 2012 The district meeting at Stiklestad was a success. It was very pleasant not having to spend time and energy on finding suitable premises and speakers, especially when everything went as smoothly as it did. Astrid Fuglesang from KultLab had a great angle on cooperation, solidarity and working environment. By unconventional use of what we call simple activities / tasks she managed to get the employees to meet each other on a different level than is usual at such meetings. The suggestions she made, we will take with us into our daily work. The meeting/rooms at Stiklestad were good and the food was good. I will probably contact Tjenestenavet when we are having similar meetings later. Bjørnar Hafell, Chief Dentist Central Dental Health District