Use Tjenestenavet to create a creative overall experience for you and your business based on your needs. Tjenestenavet tailor solutions based on your budget, needs and desires. Let your business experience Nord-Trøndelag at its best.

Dare to try something new, let the next business trip be a creative and exciting total experience in the Innherred region. Experience food, nature and culture – adventure steeped in history, second to none.

Utsikt på Inderøy, ved Sakshaug, Husfrua og Øyna - Gyldne omvei Package proposal 1
Package proposal 1 with visits to amongst others Støre Farm, Stiklestad National Culture Centre, Øyna and The County Farm, Egge


Kongen Foto Espen Storhaug Pakkeforslag 2
Package proposal 2 visits to amongst others Husfrua, Quality Hotel Grand Steinkjer, Culture Farm Bjerkem og “spelet” at Stiklestad National Culture Centre
Ørens meieri Package Proposal 3
Package proposal 3 is a day package at Ørens Meieri with professional content from KultLab og Optium


Lyden av Trivsel Package Proposal 4
Package proposal 4 with accommodation at Rica Rock City Namsos and musical team building and pary dinner with Lyden av Trivsel.