Are you tired of spending time and money organising the next course, gathering or other social activity? We have the solution!

We offer you, as a business, help in arranging conferences, meetings and event packages with professional contents beyond the ordinary. We focus on what we are good at in our region; culture, history and nature-based experiences of high quality.

Dare to try something new!
Break the pattern by examining the interaction between culture and society. Use culture to enhance the working environment, increase well-being and job satisfaction. Strengthen interdisciplinary collaboration.
We can offer various exciting activities, content and facilities in a unique cultural package based on your needs. We work with several regional culture – and history based operators between Stjørdal and Namsos.

Call us or send an e-mail, we will help you organise a different experience with social or professional activity beyond your desired program.

Tjenestenavet is a service hub with a sharpened focus on courses, conferences and events in Visit Innherred. We tailor effective solutions for you, along with our professional partners!

Contact us:
Christina Hedin
Direct: +47 450 27 704
Offfice: + 47 74 40 17 16

Christine Svarva Nielsen
Direct: +47 971 46 192
Office: + 47 74 40 17 16