Welcome to Bøla and the borderline between past and present, between 3 different cultures and mybe between fairy tale and reality.

Innherred, just an hour north of Trondheim, has an abundance of pre-historic rock carvings and monuments, and the Bølarein is one of them.

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The Bølarein

Helleristningen Bølareinen ved Snåsavatnet Foto: Trønder-Avisa

Photo: Trønder-Avisa

About 6.000 years ago, a hunter carved the Bølarein into the small mountain by Bøla. Anyone visiting the place is greatly touched by the fabulous rock carving, which is known all over the world.



Enjoy a good cup of coffee and home made pastry in the pleasant premises of Bølabua. Should you feel like having something more substantial, they also serve lunsh and dinner during the summer season. Local produce and dishes made from scratch are important to them, and as far as possible they use “short-travelled” produce and products. Wild game and fish are often on their menu.

The rock carvings
From Bølabua, it is 300 meters to walk down to the world famous rock carvings. They are idyllically located by a great waterfall in the river Bøla. There are ten small and large petroglyphs/rock carvings to look at. Not all of them are as easy to detect – so take your time!

The most famous rock carving, Bølareinen, is a female reindeer in full size. The Bølarein was discovered by a farmer in 1842, and has since captivated tourists and scientists alike. As late as 2001, it was discovered a new petroglyph on Bøla. It was by chance that a carved rock of a man with snowshoes and a wand was discovered. This rock carving was named Bølamannen.


The rock carvings are located on the southeast side of Snåsavatnet by the Rv 763, approximately 30 km northeast of Steinkjer. Ample parking and access to the field from a path, also facilitated for wheelchair users. Walking distance from the main road, about 300 meters.