Good quality and old traditions – taste food from local farms, award winning products with long traditions.

In Levanger you can enjoy an excellent meal at Restaurant Backlund. Here they prepare wolffish, crawfish, marinated venison, breast of duck and other delicacies. Take the car ferry across to the pearl of the Trondheim fjord – Ytterøy. At Øvre Erstad farm you can find meat products from “woodland pigs”. Here they specialise in free range animals, which enhances the flavour of the meat. Ytterøy also has a large herd of roe deer, which is considered to be one of the most exclusive game meats in the Norwegian cuisine. The journey continues to Verdal centre and the restaurant Brød & Cirkus at Tindved Kulturhage.

Local produce and gourmet-expertise from all over the world are combined in the most exquisite dishes. Guests at Verdal Hotell are served good home-cooked local dishes. At Stiklestad National Culture Centre and Stiklestad Hotel they prepare venison from Gjørv and veal from Sæther, plus other dishes, in historic surroundings.

Further north begins ‘The Golden Route’, a stretch of road running through beautiful, cultural landscape in Inderøy. Berg Gård (farm), Gangstad Gårdsysteri (cheese farm), Gulburet and Øyna Parken are all producers of excellent farm foods based on home produce, local herbs and historic recipes. The food is sold in their own restaurants or farm shops. Several of the participants along The Golden Route regularly supply home produce to many of the country’s prestigious kitchens.

The traditional Inderøy sodd (soup) is produced by Inderøy Slakteri (slaughterhouse) on Straumen. Nearby, on Rødbrygga, you can experience one of the country’s strongest tidal currents while being served from an a la carte-menu. At Husfrua you can enjoy accommodation and home made food.

When you reach Steinkjer you can visit the restaurants at the Quality Grand Hotel and Tingvold Park Hotel. Both are of high standard and absolutely worth a visit or two. We also recommend Yttervik in Beitstad, which is located on route FV17 on the way to Namsos, serving food with fresh herbs from their garden.