A summit hike does not necessarily mean hour long walks in rough terrain. It can aslo be a quick detour from the motor way with great views. At Inherred, we have both!

go on a summit hike in Innherred!

Summit hikes can be both short and long, the following is an overview of several summit hike suggestions in Innherred in Trøndelag. Click on the picture or the heading for a map and hike description on ut.no (On ut.no you can change to your language, the site uses Google translate to translate)

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Hårskallen i Levanger Hårskallen
Grading: Medium – Lenght: 1,6 km
Great trip in proper mountain terrain. Steep, but easy walk and clear path to the top all the way from Skallstuggu cabin. Superb hiking terrain further on after reaching the top. Amazing views!
Oftenåsen - Steinkjer Oftenåsen
Grading: Medium – Length: 4,6 km round trip:
Oftenåsen is a Natural recreational area in Steinkjer. At the top is Peilehytta cabin (serving refreshments Sundays 11-15) and the world’s largest garden chair. The view from the top is amazing!
Foto: Steinkjerfotografen - Bokkhaugen - Bukkhaugen i Levanger. Foto: Steinkjerfotografen

Photo: Steinkjerfotografen

Grading: Easy – Length: 4 km round trip
Innherreds finest views can be found at the top of Bokkhaugen in Levanger. The trail is easy to walk, gravely and accessible for the strollers. Steady climb all the way. Lean to, bbq area and outdoor toilet on top.
Olstoln topptur inderøy Olstoln
Grading: Medium – Length: 5,2 km
The view from Olstolen is fabulous – overlooking large parts of the fjord and the surrounding areas. The trail runs along a Nice tractor path. The last 200 metres are steep.
Marsteinsvola Marsteinsvola
Grading: Medium – Lenght: 8,6 km round trip
The top borders on Inderøy, Steinkjer and Verdal – and therefore offer great views of all 3 municipalities and far beyond the Trondheimfjorden. There are several trails to the top; we recommend parkng by lake Raudflovatnet in Røra, Inderøy.
jønnemsklumpen Jønnemsklumpen
Grading: Medium – Length: 10,5 km round trip
The highest point in Beitstad in Steinkjer, 530 masl. The trail goes through marsh land. The last part to the top is steep and the trail is on the bare mountain. Beautiful viwes of Beistad and the surrounding areas from the top.
Stokkvola (12) Stokkvola
Grading: Easy – Length: 4,4 km
The trail to Stokkvola is a gravelled path in great terrain. The trail starts by Møssingdalen Ski centre in Åsen and winds through mountain terrain to the top of Stokkvola where where you are rewarded with breathtaking views. Easy summit hike.
Persgårdshalla Stod Persgårdshalla
Grading: Medium – Length: 2 km round trip
The hike starts at Gusthaugen in Stod in Steinkjer. Beautiful views of Steinkjer and Lake Snåsavatnet. Nice path from the base of Persgårdshalla. Great picnic area at the top with big lean to, BBQ area and toilet. An alternative path on the return trip, if desired.
Grading: Demanding – Length: 36 km
Skjækerhatten is a mountain top in Snåsa and is 1139 masl.It is a popular summit hike in Blåfjella-Skjækerfjella NAtional Park.The hike is demanding and you should plan for 2 nights. Several rental cabins in the area around lake Skjækervatnet.

Photo: Ingolf Zeiner

Grading: Demanding – Length: 20 km Return
From the top there are fantastic views all the way to Sylan, Skjækerfjella and Swedish Skäckerfjäll. The trail is not marked, but rather visible in the terrain. Map, compass and extra clothing is absolutely necessary. The terrain is soft, good hiking shoes are essential. The hike involves crossing several rivers.

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