The trail network in Snåsa offer wonderful opportunities for great nature experiences in the Snåsa mountains, whether you want to try your luck in fishing waters or take a ski summit hike to the top of a mountain.

150 km long trail network for snowmobiles and skiing!

You will find an impressive 150 km long track network. You can of course just get on a snowmobile with a packed lunch in your backpack annd just enjoy the scenery. Or  drive the snowmobile to great fishing waters such as Øydingen, Andorsjøen, Ismenningen, Grønningen or Langvatnet. The trails also give you a unique opportunity to more easily reach tall mountains using cross country skis or Randonnée. Andorfjellet, Lurusneisa, Finnhuva, Heggsjøfjellet and Langnesfjellet are all excellent destinations.

The network has varied terrains and distances for their trails. A map showing the different trails is linked here.

Snowmobile along the Andorsjøløypa trail

16 different trails

When using the trails you are responsible for updating yourself with local laws and regulations. We emphasise that all driving happens at your own risk. It is your responsibility to check the weather conditions. Fishing licenses must be purchased separately and can be obtained easily at

Trail certificate

You also need a trail certificate to use the snowmobile trails. You obtain these on:, by paying via vipps (nr 98799) (must have a Norwegian bank account), Brede Servicestasjon (petrol station) and Snåsa Hotel.

For the Gaundalsløypa (Gaundalen – Grønlivatnet) and Gjevsjøløypa (Gjevsjøen – Livsjøen) trails you need permission from the respective farm owners.

Here is a link to maps of the different trails. The link also keeps tracks of which trails are open and available at any given time.
On the facebook page to Snøscooterløyper i Snåsa (snowmobile trails in Snåsa) you will also find frequently updated information.

The links below takes you directly to the map for each route. But you need to check trail status in the above link with the trail overview. 

1. Andorsjøløypa – Andortjønna – Andorsjøen
2. Bjørganløypa – Flåtjønna – Formokjølen
3. Flåtjønnløypa – Myrset – Flåtjønna
4. Gaundalsløypa – Gaundalen – Grønnlivatnet – contact Gaundalen Fjellgård (mountain farm)
5. Gjevsjøløypa – Gjevsjøen – Livsjøen
6. Grøningsløypa – Brottet – Grøningen – Langvasselva
7.  Hafellaløypa – Dravlan – Støvrakjølen – Hafella
8. Langvatnetløypa – Solås – Myrset
9. Nordsidaløypa  – Langmoen – Trekvisla
10. Reinsjøløypa – Imsdalen – Reinsjøen
11.  Roktsjøløypa – Imsdalen – Roktsjøen
12. Solåsløypa – Snåsa hotell – Solås
13. Storåsløypa  – Bumyra – Andortjønna .
14. Sørfjelløypa  – Holsing / Dal – Reinsjøen
15. Øydingsløypa (South) – Reinsjøen / Brottet (South)
16. Øydingsløypa (North) – Reinsjøen / Brottet (North)

Important information from Snåsa municipality and Snåsa snowmobile club.

Drivers responsibility:

  • Users of the recreational trails are responsible for researching and following the rules and regulations made for using the trails.

General rules:

  • The recreational trails for snowmobiles in Snåsa are decided with their own regulations with legal basis in the Motor Traffic Act (Motorferdselloven).
  • The regulation makes decisions for the trails, its opening and closing, use, parking, camping etc.
  • All information- Regulations, maps etc – can be found on the municipality’s website,

Opening hours:

    • The trails can be closed on short notice due to snow/ice conditions etc.
    • The trails are closed for traffic daily between 23:00 – 06:00. (11pm – 6am)
    • Opening hours about the individual trails are declared with a sign at the starting point for each trail as well as the municipality’s website,

The trails:

  • The maximal driving width are 5 meters.
  • To stop or rest you are allowed to drive up to 30 meters / 98 feet away from the track perpendicularly.
  • You are not allowed to drive parallel/along the trails for the 30 aforementioned metres.

Driving rules:

  • You can only drive on the trails with a snowmobile.
  • The snowmobile must be registered, and the driver must have a license for a snowmobile.
  • Helmet use is mandatory for the drivers and passengers.
  • The driver of the snowmobile must stop and give way for skiers and others who need to cross in front of you.
  • Otherwise, general rules and regulations apply for the driver of the motor vehicle.
  • All driving, including on top of frozen water, happens at your own responsibility.

Speed limits:

  • The highest speed limit on the trails is 60km/h. This is reduced to 40 km/h with a passenger on board.
  • Other and lower speed limits will be displayed on signs.
  • The speed should otherwise be adjusted to local conditions within the given speed limits.

Trail license:

  • Anyone driving on the trails must pay a license fee.
  • A valid license must be brought with you and shown if pulled over.
  • The license is personal and cannot be given to anyone else.
  • Licenses can be bought, Vipps (98799), Brede Servicestasjon and Snåsa Hotel.

Camping, fishing, and campfires:

  • If camping and fishing, the scooter can maximally be driven 30 meters / 98 feet perpendicular from the trail.
  • Firewood for campfires must be brought with you.

Have a nice trip!

Snowmobile in sunset in Snåsa. Photo: Kjell Gunnar Selliås