Snåsa is a bilingual municipality with a vivid Sami language and culture. The cultural landscape is beautifully surrounded by summer mountain farms, mighty wilderness, a paradise for outdoor activities, hunting and fishing.

The E6 and the railway runs through the municipality and Snåsa is 45 minutes north of Steinkjer and an hour away from Namsos. The old administration centre of Snåsa, Viosen, is situated at the north end of Lake Snåsa (Snåsavatnet) and the current centre is located a bit further up. The centre of the municipality was moved with the arrival of the railway in 1926. Snåsa is a typical district municipality. Agriculture and forestry is the most important industry in the village and the municipality has in recent years had a nice increment of industry jobs.

Snåsa is a bilingual municipality with several Sami institutions, its own kindergarten, primary school and dormitory for South-Sami children. Saemien Sijte – South-Sami museum and culture centre is open all year and is well worth a visit, where you will learn more about South-Sami history and culture.

Snåsa is also a summer mountain farm village with around 20 mountain farms in operation. The cows graze on fresh and herbal rich grass on the farms, giving the milk and dairy products distinctive qualities. It is a peaceful atmosphere on the mountain farms and you can enjoy good local food.

There is an abundance of orchids in Bergåsen, right next to the town centre, and in Finsåsmarka. Snåsa has chosen Marisko (or the Lady’s Slipper as it is called locally) as its municipality flower and it is also the motif in the municipalities coat of arms. As many as 17 different orchids have been registered in Snåsa.

The childhood home of “the Snåsa man” Joralf Gjerstad is situated not far from Saemien Sijte and Snåsa church. It has been restored and is today almost identical to how it was during his childhood. Visit the house and see the photos and awards Joralf and Signe has received throughout the years.

Snåsa is a national park municipality of which Blåfjella-Skjækerfjella national park is a large part. Do you enjoy hiking to authentic mountain farms, deep forests, open mountains or hunting and fishing trips? If so, Blåfjella-Skjækerfjella national park is worh exploring!

Snåsa lake is excellent for trout and char fishing and is a great place for canoeing or cayaking. Just be aware of the changing weather and wind conditions. There are also 10 marked cycling trails in the municipality. Visit the tourist office in Snåsa or Steinkjer to receive the brochure.

If you are looking for accommodation, there are several alternatives to choose from, i.e hotel, camping places and cabins.