Do you know where you can put up yourtent and what you should include in your backpack? Here are our safety tips for you!

Public right of access / Allemannsretten

The public right of access affords us the right to roam almost anywhere we want in Norwegian nature as long as we show consideration to land owners, eachother, plants and animals. Tou have the right to put up your tent, pick berries and light camp fires, but read up on what rules apply here.


Although we don’t have the spectacular peaks here in Innherred, it is still important to think about safety on the trip. Keep in mind that there are large areas without mobile coverage and a demanding terrain to walk and navigate in. Remember to pack enough food and clothing for a day out. Even on shorter hikes, the weather can make the trip more demanding than anticipated.

Important phoen numbers:

  • 110 – Fire
  • 112 – Police
  • 113 – Ambulance
  • 22 59 13 00 – The poison hotline

Map and compass

Maps and compass are important tools to bring with you when you go on a longer hike. The weather can make a sudden turn for the worse and you might be in need to navigate quickly to safer areas.
Maps of the hiking areas in Innherred are available in our online store 

Using maps and compass

The Norwegian mountain code

1. Plan your trip and report where you go.
2. Customise the trip according to ability and conditions.
3. Pay attention to weather and landslide warning.
4. Be prepared for bad weather and frost, even on short trips.
5. Include the necessary equipment to help yourself and others.
6. Make safe choices. Recognise hazardous terrain and uncertain ice.
7. Use maps and compass, always know where you are.
8. Turn in time – there is no shame in turning.
9. Conserve energy and seek shelter if necessary.

Top Hiking mistakes

Packing list for mountain hiking

Packing for a mountain trip requires knowledge and experience. The most important thing is to have enough warm clothes, good footwear and enough food. In the movie below you get great tips from experienced mountain hikers.

What to pack for your summer hike


There are many good hiking opportunities in the Innherred region. Se our list of hiking suggestions. Choose between easy, medium or demanding hikes in the high mountains, along the fjord or in the forest. Please ask us for tips!