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Letnes farm, culture trail
©Letnes gård

Letnes farm, culture trail


Welcome "into nature" at Letnes farm, which faces the fjord on the west side of Inderøy municipality in North-Trøndelag.

Culture Trail
On Letnes farm you can participate in a guided walk, from the farm along the culture trail. The trail runs through beautiful landscape and down along the fjord. During the walk you get to learn about the history and see the burial grounds from the Migration Period.

Along the trail you can also see an old stone extraction site, a catch fence, burial mounds, «jektskipper», croft, a lean-to shelter and more.

On the culture trail, you can follow the path to Sandvika. There is a narrow passage in the rocks, which leads to the fine and undisturbed shoreline. This is a special landscape that has been honed by the forces of nature over time.

Plants and vegetation
The Letnes islets have vegetation with bio diversity of national value. 

Many plants have their northern boundary in the area. By mid summer many different species of plants can be found, like Saxifraga Cotyledon, Antennaria dioica, ground mint, wild flax (Linum Catharticum), wild onion, wild oats, polygara vulgaris and more....

For more information contact:
Grete Letnes
Tel: 905 36 442

Letnes farm also offer accommodation in:
Spettspiret, a cabin out of the ordinary in the treetops
Meiseriet, an apartement at the end of the main house
Husmannsplassen Wigen, a large cabin built on the foundation of the old croft
Boat hire

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