The farm shop at Høgaunet farm
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The farm shop at Høgaunet farm

Welcome to Høgaunet farm! In our farm shop we offer food produced at our farm and from other fine, local producers. We have a flower shop with a well-educated and experienced flower decorator and a unique selection of self-produced interior items, with a focus on redesign. On the farm we also have greenhouses, grazing chickens and rabbits, and we have our own farm slaughterhouse.

Høgaunet farm is a beautiful little farm in Munkeby, Levanger. We focus on small-scale productions where we aim to:
- Produce the best food
- Have a production that is good for both climate and environment

In the farm shop, we also want to think holistically about sustainability. The food we sell is produced within the municipal boundaries and flower pots etc. is shopped at local thrift stores. The interior design items focus on redesign and most of the materials we use are from the farm and the forest around us.

At Høgaunet farm we have different productions with top quality! The goods we produce we sell through the farm shop and the Reko-ringen. We also deliver to restaurants and have, among other things, delivered rabbit meat and edible flowers to Speilsalen at Britannia Hotel in Trondheim. We have our own farm slaughterhouse approved for slaughtering rabbits and poultry, and a registered kitchen where we produce goods for our shop. We produce, among other things:

- Rabbit meat, where the animals were born, cared for, slaughtered and packed on the farm.
- Eggs from grazing hens. The hens are moved around the field during the summer.
- Herbs, tomatoes, pumpkins and microgreens. In 2022, we will start with new productions in our new greenhouses and market gardens.
- Cut flowers and plants. During the summer, we produce our own cut flowers and plants for our farm shop.
- Meringue and spice mixes. In the kitchen, we make products mainly with ingredients from our own farm.

We want a visit to Høgaunet farm to inspire and fascinate. Inspire your own creativity, your own awareness of consumption and sustainability and inspire new tastes and ideas in your own kitchen. The fascination with everything that grows is also something we want to convey. And how resources you have around you can be used in perhaps completely different ways than what you have previously done. Our surroundings are often far richer than we are aware of. Feel free to have a cup of coffee when you enter the store, read a little in the literature we have there and feel free to have a chat with us about the regenerative, inventive and innovative.


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