Berg farm - in the courtyard. Copyright: Berg Gård
Berg Farm country store. Copyright: Berg Gård
Berg farm - cured ham. Copyright: Berg Gård
Barg Farm - produced on the farm . Copyright: Berg Gård
Berg Farm and Inderøy aquavit distillery . Copyright: Berg Gård
Berg farm - grey trønder sheep x 2. Copyright: Visit Innherred (MN)
Berg Gård and Inderøy Gårdsbrenneri - the hosts with 2 of the free range pigs. Copyright: Berg Gård/Magnar Kirknes
Berg Gård and Inderøy Gårdsbrenneri - sheep in a hammock - foto Magnar Kirkenes. Copyright: Berg Gård/Magnar Kirkenes
Berg farm - grey trønder sheep. Copyright: Visit Innherred (MN)

The farm shop at Berg farm


Berg Farm is situated in beautiful surroundings in Kjerknesvågen in Inderøy municipality, along  the Golden Road. In addition to the regular farm husbandery, we engage in farm food and dining, with our own farm butchery, aquavit distillery, farm shop and eatery at “Slakteriloftet”

Country store
We have tried to re-create a country store of yesteryear in the farm shop. Hanging alongside old signs, boxes and bric a brac, are cured sausages and dried meat. The smell of smoked sausages, mixed with the smell of tar from Berg Special Leather Waqxing, also provide a special experience.

You can buy products from our farm food kitchen. Additionally, we sell some handicrafts and farm food products from other local manufacturers.

Summer Café
In the summer season, we have a summer café in the farm shop, where coffee, tea, soft drinks, cakes and ice cream are on offer.

Gift Packages
Berg farm also offer gift packages. You can freely select the content in gift boxes or baskets from the farm store. Put together a tasteful gift for your employees, business associates or the person who has everything already.

Nature Trail
There is a nature/cultural trail through the area, in addition to a viewpoint, picnic area with benches, tables, fireplace and outhouse.

Welcome to Berg farm!

A member of The Golden Road

Kilde: Innherred reiseliv AS
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Thursday, Friday02/03/2019 - 31/05/201910:00 - 16:00Farm shop
Saturday02/03/2019 - 31/05/201910:00 - 15:00Farm shop
Sunday14/07/2019 - 28/07/201911:00 - 16:00Sunday open in july
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday01/06/2019 - 18/08/201910:00 - 17:00Summer cafe and farm shop
Saturday01/06/2019 - 18/08/201911:00 - 16:00Summer cafe and farm shop
Thursday, Friday19/08/2019 - 26/10/201909:00 - 16:00Farm shop
Saturday19/08/2019 - 26/10/201910:00 - 15:00Farm shop
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday02/11/2019 - 23/12/201910:00 - 17:00Xmas shop
Thursday, Friday02/03/2020 - 31/05/202010:00 - 16:00Farm shop
Saturday02/03/2020 - 31/05/202010:00 - 15:00Farm shop
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    • Adapted for disabled
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    • Summer café
  • General facilities
    • Banqueting rooms
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  • Other services
    • Farm shop
  • Special
    • Animals - active farm

More information

Phone: +47 74 15 52 07
Mobile phone: +47 470 35 044
Kjelvikvegen 71
7670 Inderøy
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