Sykkeltur på Innherred. Copyright: Visit Innherred
Ørin Naturreservat in Verdal. Copyright: Visit Innherred
Stiklestad pilgrim Olsok 2015. Copyright: Stiklestad Nasjonale Kultursenter
Stiklestad Nasjonale Kultursenter - The folk museum With several building. Copyright: Stiklestad Nasjonale Kultursenter
Stiklestad Summer at Stiklestad Nasjonale Kultursenter . Copyright: Stiklestad Nasjonale Kultursenter
Stiklestad Church - behind the trees. Copyright: Stiklestad Nationale Kultursenter
Stiklestad Hotell - the front of the hotel. Copyright: Stiklestad Hotell
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Biking accross Norway

Only 50 km separate the fjord in Verdal and the mountains on the Swedish border in east. Along the way, let yourself be fascinated by the pilgrim history, ancient fortifications and beautiful scenery! We will customise your trip for you, transport your luggage and we have bikes for hire.

Whether you are setting off on your bike ride alone or as part of a group wishing to experience Verdal and its history along the way, we can facilitate a trip for you with accommodation, bike hire (e-bikes and conventional bicycles) luggage transport and food.

Along the bike ride, let yourself be fascinated and inspired by everything from birdwatching to defense history, myths and legends.

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Located at Ørin, by the fjord in Verdal, is not only one of the country's largest industrial areas, but also a large, important area for many bird species. People from all over the world travel to Verdal to study birds here.


If you continue from Ørin to Stiklestad via Verdal city center, you will follow in part I St. Olav’s  footsteps along the pilgrim route.
Read more about the Pilgrim route


Stiklestad is best known for the Battle of Stiklestad in 1030, which marked the transition from the Viking Age to the Middle Ages and the Christianisation of Norway. Experience history through exhibitions, stories and old buildings at the Stiklestad National Cultural Centre.  
Read more about Stiklestad


Just north of Stiklestad you can today see the remains of deadliest landslide in Norway’s history; The Verdal landslide. On the night of 19th May 1893, 55 million cubic meters of clay flooded the entire Verdal. 3 km² disappeared in the clay masses, 105 farms, thousands of animals and 116 people perished in the slide.


The defense facility The Værdalske Fortifications was completed in 1911 and consists of two mountain galleries, Southern and Northern Gallery, which are blasted into the mountains on either side of the river Inna. From the early 1990s, extensive work by volunteers have made it possible to make the fortresses available to the public.
See more information about the Værdalske Fortifications


An alternative to the road Fv72 is the well-preserved King Karl Johans road. A well preserved national road from 1835 of 17.5 km. Several unique period stone vaults bridges have also been preserved, including Kong Karl Johan’s Klev. At one point the road crosses the road Fv 72. The road surface is mainly gravel and grass. The road is today a widely used walking route.


The monument “Olavskjelda” is 500 meters from road Fv72. According to legend this is where King Olav Haraldsson held a night break at the farm Sul during his army expeditions towards Norway in 1030. The stone monument is 1:04 meters.

We can arrange for a guide, if desired. We can offer accommodation at Stiklestad, and on both sides of the border. Should you wish to continue the 60 km further to Åre, we can facilitate accommodation there as well. We provide maps and route descriptions. Please contact us for an offer.

We recommend 2 over night stays, 2 dinnersger, breakfast and lunch, bike hire, luggage transport, map and route description. For more information and booking contact us through this email-form.

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