Would you like to walk in breathtaking scenery, along traces of millennial history while experiencing rest, reflection and peace of mind.

The Pilgrim route between Stiklestad and Trondheim takes you through fertile Trønder villages and deep quiet woods, while enjoying the peace along the historic stretch. People living along the path can tell stories related to old houses, churches and landscapes, and can also offer local food and exciting accommodation.

Guided pilgrimage IN summer

This summer you have the opportunity to to walk in the footsteps of Saint King Olav, join an organised pilgrimage from Stiklestad to Trondheim on the St. Olavs path.

During the walk you will be able to take part in a fellowship that offers freedom, simplicity and friendship.

See here for more informtion about packaged pilgrim walks.

Individual pilgrimage

Do you want to walk the pilgrim route alone or outside of these dates? Visit Innherred can help you with the organising of the pilgrimage. We can assist you with booking the accommodation, luggage transfer, guide or other practival details concerning the pilgrimage. Everything for you to have a positive experience!

Contakt us on:
Tel: +47 74 40 17 16
E-mail: post@visitinnherred.com


What is a pilgrim?

A pilgrim (from the latin peregrinus), is a traveller (literally one who has come from afar) who is on a journey to a holy place. A pilgrim is a person who prepares or makes a journey for spiritual reasons. Pilgrimages is known from several religions and the use of the term has been expanded, so that a person travelling to a place that is very important to him/her can be called a pilgrim, although there is no religious belief behind the journey. 

The St.Olav’s Path – European Cultural Route

Since the start of the marking of the pilgrim route in 1994, more that 5000 km through Denmark, Sweden and Norway has been marked with the pilgrim logo. In 2010 the pilgrim route was awarded status as European Cultural Route through the Council of Europe’s Cultural route programme, under the collective name St.Olavsleden (St. Olavs path).

Walking along the St.Olav’s path through Sweden and Norway is one of the most beautiful pilgrimage experiences that Europe has to offer.
The path is a network of authentic, historic paths through beautiful scenery, cultural landscapes and historic sites. The St. Olav’s path originates in Selånger just outside of Sundsvall, Sweden  and ends in Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim, following the road that king Olav Haraldson travelled in the summer of 1030 when he returned from Novgorod in Russland with the aim to Christian Norway and recapture the Norwegian throne. The 564 km long pilgrim route goes from coast to coast – through two counties –  in the footsteps of St. Olav. 

Ruben Hejloo has walked the St. Olav’s path and has published a video blog of the whole experience. See here for a film clip from day 21 Stiklestad til Munkeby:

See here for his video blog of his pilgrimage through all of the St. Olav’s route.

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