Is padling among islets and skerries, in small rivers and open waters
coulped with idyllic beaches somrthing for you? Then you must come to Lake Snåsavatnet – where all of the above and more awaits you!

Lake Snåsavatnet is Norway’s 6th largest lake and is situated in the municipalities of Steinkjer and Snåsa. The lake spans an area of 125,73 Km2 and offers varied paddling experiences for both experienced and novice paddlers.

Padling from bed to bed

On Lake Snåsavatnet you can paddle from bed to bed, from camping place to camping place. You can also use the lodgings as a base for several different day trips. There are routes to suit both beginners and the experienced, on open water and in tributaries – the possibilities are endless! Sleep, eat and experience what Lake Snåsavatnet has to offer, and get amazing paddle experiences!

Marked padle routes

During the Summer of  2019, a number of padle routes will be marked for those interested in padling on Lake Snåsavatnet. Maps and information material will be posted on the websiteas and when ready.

There is no shame in turning around

Keep in mind that the lake can be treacherous; weather, wind and water can change very quickly. Paddling can be risky, so always use life vests. Visit Innherred recommends that anyone who paddles on Lake Snåsavatnet has wet card certification. Listen to experienced paddlers and do not go out for a long trip without training.

Snåsavatnet - padling