Be amazed, enchanted and inspired by one or more museum visits to Innherred! We give you an overview here.

Stiklestad Nasjonale Kultursenter

Stiklestad National Cultural Centre has special responsibility for communicating the story of Olav Haraldsson / St. Olav. The story of Olav Haraldsson/ St. Olav is conveyed at Stiklestad through exhibitions and events. The battle of Stiklestad in 1030 and the consequences of the battle led to dramatic changes in Norwegian history and social development. Every year during the St. Olav Festival, the St. Olav Drama is performed in the Amphi theatre.

Stiklestad National Cultural Centre also feature 30 antiquarian buildings in the museum area that convey the life in the old peasant community in the 18th and 19th centuries.

The Falstad Centre

The Falstad centre is situated in the former nazi prison camp SS Strafgefangenenlager Falstad, in the small village Ekne in Levanger. This was the second largest prison camp in Norway during the second world war, and over 200 prisoners were executed here. Today the original layout of the prison camp has been recreated using augmented reality, allowing visitors to see the original structures and interact with their history in an original and engaging manner.

Egge Museum

Egge Museum features a complete 19th century farmstead. During the Middle Ages there was a chieftain’s seat at Egge Farm, evidenced by burial mounds from the Iron- and Viking Age.

The Childrens Viking festival is arranged every second year in july (next time in 2021).  Egge Museum is very child friendly.,and in the summer season there are many different farm animals to meet at the museum. The museum has the largest collection of agricultural equipment north of Dovre. In the city streets in the exhibition hall there are shops and workshops from old Steinkjer. Maybe you want to buy candy from the store maid.

Nils Aas Kunstverksted / Art studio and museum

Nils Aas Kunstverksted is a museum and work shop for the Sculptor Nils Aas who was born in Inderøy. The work shop is situated close to his childhood home in Straumen. The gallery shows temporary exhibitions of contemporary Norwegian pictorial art and sculpture, in addition to a permanent exhibition featuring Nils Aas’ body of art.

The work shop opened in 1996 with the sculpture «Bauta» by Nils Aas centrally placed in the museum. Nils Aas has donated two of his collections,”Gaven” and “Arven”, to the
art studio.

Saemien Sijte

Saemien Sijte conveys knowledge about South Sami culture and history past and present. You can go on a guided tour of the exhibition and visit the museum shop. The museum engages in documentation, preservation, research and dissemination of South Sami culture and history.

Saemien Sijte is also an arena for research, as well as being a meeting place with activities and events. In the museum shop you can buy Sami literature, music and crafts and more.

The City Museum in Levanger

Experience Levanger’s history, historic buildings and places. The City Museum comprises of historic buildings, mostly dating from the 19th century, accessible to visitors.
I.e: Brusve farm, Dampskipsbrygga, the School Museum and Hveding auto.

Brusve Farm has been an office for several sheriffs. In addition, Brusve was a significant farm. Now only the main house and the storehouse is left standing. The election of delegates/ envoys from the county to the Eidsvold Assembly took place at Brusve in 1814. The steamship Wharf (dampskipsbrygga) is an important building to illuminate Levanger’s development from marketplace to modern centre with proximity to sea with trade and business in the past and present.

Levanger Photo Museum

Levanger Photo Museum focuses on photographic history, featuring one of the county’s largest photo collections with over half a million negatives from professional and amateur photographers. The museum has a permanent exhibition dedicated to the chemist Harald Renbjør, a pioneer in the development of colour photography. Norway’s first colour photography is displayed here. The museum also feature changing exhibitions.

The Gjerstadhuset -Museum dedicated to the “Snåsa man”

Joralf Gjersatd is known as the man with the warm hands and psychic abilities, the “Snåsa man”. Over a period of 50 years, he has treated over 50,000 people for free. His childhood home is now a museum and appears as it looked through Gjerstad’s upbringing. Joralf was born in this house, in the bed that is in the room on the ground floor. During the summer season you can visit the house on Saturdays and Sundays and see exhibitions that tell about his life and work. There are pictures of Joralf’s family, distinctions he and his wife Signe have received and different stories are heard.

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