A great full day trip that can be combined with a side trip to Norway’s Midpoint, but could/should also be undertaken as a two-day hike with overnight stay at the rental cabin Lågvassbua.

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When arriving at Gaulstad, transport back to your parked car at Lustadvatnet can be booked/arranged with Mokk Farm.

Skjækerfjella: Lustadvatnet – Lågvassbua – Gaulstad
Distance: 19,5 km (24,5 km round trip)
Difficulty: Medium – should be used to hiking.
Map: Hiking map Skjækra, not recommend without a map!

From Steinkjer, follow rv 762 towards Ogndalen (signposted from city centre) and all the way to parking by Lustadvatnet (approx 40 km).

Directions: The first part of the hike is along the “railway sleepers” that leads to Norways Midpoint, making the first 7 km of the trip go quick. There is a red marked path towards Lågvassbua (sign posted) after about 7-8 km.

Detour: You are now only about 1.5 km away from Norway’s Midpoint, so for those who want to include Norway’s Midpoint in this hike, it is a good idea to schedule a coffee stop here (3km extra back and forth).

The first part of the path toward Lågvassbua is marshy terrain, then it gradually bends to the right and up. Especially the first part can be quite wet, but the trail is well marked (red markings).
There are 3 km from railway sleepers to Lågvassbua. (Note: The path deviates slightly from the map – the last part of the trail is not on the map).

BOOKING-engelskLågvassbua is a high standard cabin with both a rental section (sleeps 6) and an open section (which also is well equipped). Fishing in Lågvatnet is free, and there is a boat and fishing nets included in the rental of the cabin.

There are about 8.5 km from Lågvassbua to Litj Gaulstad, where the first 2.5 km is an easy climb in mountainous terrain. Then the trail plunges into Damtjønndalen (Damtjønn Valley).
Follow the path all the way to the parking lot at Litj Gaulstad. The terrain in this last part of the walk is varied and provides a great hiking experience.

5 km from Litj Gaulstad back to the parking by Lustadvatnet, so for some it may be necessary to book transportation from Mokk Farm (see below).

Tip: If you have brought your bike – leave the bike at Litj Gaulstad – then one person can cycle back to Lustadvatnet and pick up the car.

Booking of transport: Booked in advance from Mokk Farm on phone: 74 14 47 52. Price on request. Mokk farm can also offer accommodation, catering, and guided tours, both for groups and individuals.