Visit a summer mountain farm and experience happiness! Taste home churned butter fresh from the cow at the farm, freshly cooked sour cream porridge and let the kids wreak havoc. It is summer and time for a mountain farm adventure!


After a walk of 1.5 km, you will reach the mountain farm, where you can experience life on the farm and enjoy the stunning views beyond Snåsavatnet, Snåsa village and mountains in the national park. You might even meet the milkmaid in the middle of washing dishes or while she is cooking. There is the possibility of close contact the different animals. If you are there when it is time to tend to the barn chores, it is possible to join in. You can buy coffee and snacks or order the “møsbrømlefse” with dessert.

See map, opening hours and pictures of Båsdalvollen in Snåsa.

Holsingseteren practice traditional mountain farming with processing of all milk. There is an abundance of animal life with 2 cows, 2 calves, 2 lambs, 2 pigs, chickens, rabbits, cats, dogs and horses. The milk from the cows form the basis for thei production of cream, sour cream, yogurt, butter and fat milk. They serve real sour cream porridge with “Pligg” (cured meat) and coffee from “svartkjel’n” (black kettle over open fire).

Holsingsetra is adapted for the disabled with trails to the mountain farm, access to all buildings and adapted toilet facilities. Come on day visits, overnight, or take a vacation living in a real mountain farm environment!

See map, opening hours and pictures of Holsingseteren in Snåsa.

Eggensetra is located at Grønningen in Snåsa. Grønningen is a great outdoor destination for hikers and those who enjoy fishing and canoeing and is one of the entrance gates to Blåfjella-Skjækerfjella National Park.

Eggensetra practice traditional mountain dairy farming with dairy cows and calves. All milk is being processed on the farm, and separation and cheese making is a part of daily operations.

See map, opening hours and pictures of Holsingseteren in Snåsa.

If you enjoy hiking, especially with the whole family, you should visit the farm. After a walk of about 2 km you reach Dravlanseteren. You have the opportunity to buy a cup of coffee with a snack or dinner (dinner must be booked in advance). They serve sour cream porridge, cured ham plate, coffee with something on the side, lems (traditional Norwegian soft, flat potatoe bread ) and yogurt.

See map, opening hours and pictures of Dravlanseteren in Snåsa.


Head to the mountain pastures and visit Hatlingsetra, Steinkjer’s only operational mountain farm. Taste sour cream porridge, drink black coffee and enjoy genuine mountain farm experiences. The mountain farm operates in July and part of August. As a visiting summer mountain farm, they can offer a good atmosphere with pail milking of cows, separation of milk the old way and close contact with cats, cows, rabbits, horses, lambs and chickens.

See map, opening hours and pictures of Dravlanseteren in Snåsa.