The relatively large concentration of medieval churches bears testimony to the great prosperity that existed in Innherred in the 1100s.

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Start out at Alstadhaug Church in Skogn dating from 1180, just near one of the county’s largest burial mounds. The church is dedicated to St. Peter and relics related to him are still lying within the altar.

Further to the north, you exit E6 at Verdal and head towards Stiklestad. Stiklestad Church is a Roman church that also dates from 1180. The church is built upon the site where St. Olav was killed during the battle in 1030.

Once back on E6, the trip continues northwards to Mære Church. It was built in 1199, and was erected on top of the old ‘gudehovet’ at Mære. Further to the north at Vist, turn west towards Inderøy. You will first come to Hustad Church at Sandvollan, the smallest of the still existing medieval churches. The church has an exceptionally well preserved interior and exterior. The church is encircled by a notched log fence that is the only one of its kind remaining in Trøndelag.

Finally – at Straumen in Inderøy, you will come to Sakshaug Old Church. It is likely that the stone masons who built the Nidaros Cathedral participated in erecting this church at the end of the 1100s. Look for the characteristic demon masks among the church décor.

TOTAL DISTANCE: Approx. 68 km

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