Marsimartnan is Innherred’s major cultural market fair with a focus on the “genuine” at all stages both in terms of trade, culture and folk festival.

Marsimartnan 2018 takes place 28. February – 3. March. Marsimartnan is a winter market built on traditions, quality, culture and good experiences.

Marsimartnan in Levanger has a long history and can be traced back to the Vikings. Each year, Levanger city centre is filled with traders and visitors from near and far is transformed into a lively market place and a social meeting venue. In the town square you will experience a “village inside the city” – with open wooden arches and quality stalls where you can converse with the stall owners while making a good deal.

Experience concerts, museums, the historical sjøgata street, fairground, exhibitors, local food and drink and much more.

Jämtene (Swedish farmers from Jämtland) will of course be in attendance. These farmers are a nice feature of the townscape and offer horse and carriage rides for big and small.

Fakkelnatta  – the torch night parade

Marsimartnan Winter Market Fair


Fakkelnatta (a parade of people carrying torches) on Friday evening is definitely one of the highlights of the market. The entire city centre is taken back to the old times with live torches and historical tableaux in the street along the 2 km route of the parade. The city is set in a magical atmosphere.

Video from Fakkelnatta 2014


Levanger is in the heart of lovely Innherred, one hour from Trondheim or half an hour from Trondheim Airport Værnes. Levanger is a centre for trade and culture, tradition and history. You will see an architectonic jewel featuring beautiful wooden buildings and green parks, close to sea, quayside and the ferry to Ytterøy. Here you can fish salmon from the ferry port in the centre of the town

Historisk bakgrunn

Marsimartnan, tied to Mattis day (24th February), can be traced back to Viking times.
And around the year 1750 more than 1,500 Swedish farmers with horses attended the market place and traded with fishermen, fish farmers and other traders.

The marsimartnan market festival of today

Marsimartna boder, Levanger

In March 1991, the modern Marsimartnan market festival was resurrected after a 50 year hiatus, partly with new content but with a solid cultural historic foundation.