Are you looking for good local food from Innherred? Take time to visit some of the many cosy farm food outlets at Innherred.

Read on for an overview of places where you can find sales outlets for local and short travelled food and produce and plan the next stop on the journey!

Lokal food from Innherred

Innherred and Trøndelag is the number one food region in Norway and has even been named European Region of Gastronomy 2022. So it is safe to say that you will find an abundance of good quality local food when you visit Innherred.

Levanger is the country’s third largest agricultural municipality and The Golden Road is widely known for its local food delights. At Innherred, there are good conditions for growing vegetables, grain and animal feed and there are a number of processing companies that provide short-travelled cheese, meat, fruit and vegetables in the shops.
God Mat Lokalt is a local food store located in Røra at the southern gateway to The Golden Road  and feature the best locally produced food and beverages from Trøndelag. The store is full of culinary delights from over 50 food and beverage producers – in one sales arena.
Innherred is perfect as a day trip from Trondheim.

Farm food

Feast yourself with vegetables in all colours and shapes, culivated under the Trønder sky at Ystgård Gartneri (garden centre) in Inderøy og Sæther farm in Levanger. Mikkelhaug in Levanger and Inderøy Mosteri in Inderøy are Norway’s northernmost apple producers and produces delicious organic apple and fruit juice. You can buy their beverages can be bought in their farm shops and local shops and enjoy in local restaurants.
Gangstad Gårdsysteri uses milk from their own cows when they produce the well-known and highly awarded Gangstad cheese and farm ice cream.

Several restaurants and eateries use local ingredients in their cooking and find their own way of utilizing the resources The gourmet restaurant Experience at Bjerkem is one of these restaurants. The chef use 98% local ingrediens in his spectacular dishes and he spends a lot of his time gathering good organic ingredients.

Ystgård garden centre. Photo: Lena Johnsen

Below you see our list of farm food outlets at Innherred – here you will find locally produced cheese, “untravelled”*meat, fresh eggs and pleasant hosts in cosy surroundings. Some places are self-catering, other places you can enjoy the food in cafes connected to the farm shops – take time for a breather!
*”untravelled” meat – meat from animals that were born in the farm, lived their whole life on the farm and slaughtered on the farm. 



Mikkelhaug Gård
Organic juices and berris, egg – Self service

Munkeby Herberge
Cakes and pastries, egg, cured meats – Café

Munkeby Mariakloster
Cheese – Self service

Halsan Kjøtt
Different kinds of meat and sausages – Butcher shop

Sæther Farm
Jellies, sausages, meat

Røstad Øvre
Vegetables and meat from highland cattle


Ystgård gartneri
Vegetables – Garden centre

Bread and pastreis(from their own farm bakery), meat, øl (brewed on the farm, only served to diners in the cafe) and much more – Café and farm shop

Gangstad gårdsysteri
Cheese, ice creams, biscuits, meat, Kombucha and much more – Farm shop

Berg Gård and Inderøy Distillery
Untravelled meat and cured meat, aquavit, caraway spices from the farm and much more – Farm shop and eatery (for groups)

Inderøy Gårdsbryggeri
Beer and cider

Cured meat and meat products

Inderøy Slakeributikk
Cured meat and meat products, sausages, meat soupe and Sodd (the regional traditional celebration dish that we serve for all occasions) – Butchery shop

Inderøy Mosteri
Organic juices from apples and other fruits – Farm shop


Chef mathall/foodhall
Vegetables, meat, spices and beer etc – Café og food sales outlet

Best Western Tingvold Park Hotel
Pates and pork sausages – Restaurant and can be bought in the reception

Ulven Farm
Vegetables, potatoes and flowers

Mære Landbruksskole (agricultural school)
Juice, potatoes, carrots and eggs

Bøla Café
Sales of products from local producers and short-travelled/local food on the menu – Café

Verdal –

Fæby brewery and restaurant 
Beer, crisps made on the farm from the farms potatoes, farm pizza (sold in the farm shop and is made in collaboration with other local producers and sold frozen). – Farm shop

Dillmoen Farm and Vuku Gårdsmeier (Farm dairy)
Milk production and niche production of veal. Production of Mozzarella cheese and other cheece. Can be bought at Bærja Cafe in Vuku (which they co-own) and God Mat Lokalt in Røra.

Haugslia Gårdsbutikk
Meat products from pork, grains, potatoes and carrots and other vegetables – Farm shop.


Hyllan Hjemmebakeri (farm bakery)
Lefse*, biscuits, skjenning (special flat bread) and other local products – Farm shop
*Thin pastry made from potatoe served folded and spread with butter and other foods

Husfrua Country Farm Hotel. Photo Lena Johnsen

Selected restaurants and eateries with local ingredients

The vast majority of the eateries at Innherred largely use mainly local ingredients in their cooking. Nevertheless, we have chosen to highlight six different restaurants that are completely unique in their own way.

  • Experience @Bjerkem Gourmet restaurant in charming premises at Kulturgården Bjerkem in Steinkjer. The food is made from local, organic ingredients by Michelen chef Kim Tore Sjøbakk. 7-16 course tasting menu with and without wine package.
  • Munkeby Herberge:  Cosy farm café and shop 6 km from Levanger city centre. Lunch and soup menu. Separate party menu for groups.
  • Øyna: Restaurant Restaurant with dishes made from local produce and menu based on access to raw materials. Magical panoramic views of the Trondheimsfjorden. Perfect for weddings! Norways first cultural landscape hotel.
  • Gulburet: Farm café home-brewed beer, bread baked in their farm bakery and lefse and other local products.
  • Summer mountain farm villaga of Snåsa: In Snåsa, about 15 farms are open  every summer. Here you get to taste genuine mountain farm products, experience traditional mountain farm life and at some mountain farms you can buy products to take home.
  • Bølareinen: Café with locally produced cheese and several dishes with local reindeer meat on the menu.

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