The old historic road between Sweden and Norway in Verdal has been restored and is now used by pilgrims, cyclists and walkers.

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We recommend Karl Johans Veg as a hiking suggetion in Verdal.

Karl Johan’s Veg stretches from Skalstufjellet mountain in Jämtland to Ådalsvollen in Verdal, and was historically a national road between Norway and Sweden. In 1821, the Swedish-Norwegian king Carl Johan decided that a road should be built over the Skalstufjellet mountain to Verdal and it was completed in 1835. Nearly 200 years later the road is still both beautiful and well passable.

A historic road where kings have travelled

The road between Jämtland and Verdal has probably seen several king using this stretch of road. Olav Haraldson travelled through here when he was going to Stiklestad. Kalv Arneson chose this road when he would later bring home Olav’s son Magnus from Garadarike to become a new King in Norway. And this is where King Carl Johan travelled when he opened the road in 1835 and named after him.

It was for a long time an improtant road for trafic and transport of goods between the two countires. The road is 17,5 km long and is heritage protected and well maintained and includes several stone vault bridges typical of that time.

The road sufrace consists of gravel and grass, and it passes over a series of stone vault bridges, many dry-walled culverts and two newly restored wooden bridges. Two milestones (former trafic road signes placed a mile apart) in cast iron are also along the road. Kleiva has walls up to three meters in height. The road today is a widely used hiking route.

Stone vault bridge at Karl Johans veg


Just south of Verdal city center on the E6, turn off and follow Jämtlandsvegen – Fv 72 eastwards for about 35 kilometer. Park on the left side of the road by The Verdal Fortifications og gå over vegen ved skiltet «Karl Johans Klev» på veiens høyre side.