Inderøy has one of the country’s most beautiful cultural landscapes, which together with the sea and special light at Inderøy, has inspired artists and authors for many hundreds of years.

Center map

Inderøy stretches from the E6 highway over the fertile peninsula in the Trondheimsfjord via the strait of Skarnsundet to Mosvik on the Fosen Peninsula. Prior to 2012 these were separate municipalities, but following a dynamic and good process they have now merged into one municipality. There are strong agricultural, forestry and cultural traditions here.

The municipal centre, Straumen, gained its name from one of the strongest tidal currents in the country – in the narrow neck of water between the Trondheim and Borgen fjords. Klokkarstu is an old red-painted building from the 1700s is centrally located in Straumen between the Nils Aas Artist Workshop, Internettkafeen (i.e., the Internet Café) and Jostu’s Candle Foundry. The old Rødbrygga also tells its story to the restaurant guests.

Facilities in the village of Mosvik include Mosvik Brygge, Jekta Fjordstue and a grocery store.

The rich soil and high skies above Inderøy provide excellent produce for the small scale food farmers. Inderøysodd which is produced by Straumen, is a popular variation of the traditional Trønder dish.