Inderøy has one of the country’s most beautiful cultural landscapes, which together with the sea and special light at Inderøy, has inspired artists and authors for many hundreds of years.

Center map

Inhabitants: 6 802
Size: 379,62 km2
Highest mountain: Storknuken mountain 505 moh
Largest water: Lake Meltingen
Municipality centre: Straumen

Read on for information about Inderøy municipality and we give you an overview of experiences at Inderøy and along the Golden Road and where you can sleep and eat well. Welcome!

Inderøy stretches from the E6 motorway over the fertile peninsula in the Trondheimsfjord via the strait of Skarnsundet to Mosvik on the Fosen Peninsula. Mosvik became part of Inderøy in 2012. The agriculture, forestry and cultural traditions are strong here.

Inderøy has one of Norway’smost beautiful cultural landscapes, which together with the sea and special light at Inderøy, has inspired artists and authors for hundreds of years. Inderøy is centrally located, just 1,5 hrs drive from both Trondheim and Namdalen. The lush peninsula also has a long shore line, great outdoor recreational areas and is rich in history. The E6 motorway passes through the municipality and Inderøy is close to both Trondheim Airport Værnes and the railway line.

View from the Restaurant Øyna with panoramic views of the Borgenfjord and the Trondheimfjord. Photo: Will Lee Wright

Straumen – Norways most attractive town 2020

In the summer of 2020, Straumen was chosen as Norway’s most attractive town and thus won the attractive-city award. Straumen highlights the importance of being aware of and refining the towns resources and qualities, and shows that this can be the starting point for place and community development with sustainability, inclusion and community in the forefront. The jury believes that Straumen is a role model for other places as they use what they have, refine this and create a strong and clear identity for the place.

Plaque - Norways most attractive town 2020

Straumen town centre

The municipal centre, Straumen, gained its name from one of the strongest tidal currents in the country – in the narrow strait between the Trondheimfjorden and the Borgenfjorden. In the cozy and idyllic town centre you will find galleries, cafés and nice niche shops. The little red-painted 1700s house Klokkarstu (which houses the cafe and second-hand shop Kjerringa me ‘Straumen) is here, together with Nils Aas Kunstverksted (art workshop and museum), Gallery Mitsel, Inderøy Landhandleri, Inderøy Butchery shop, the Internet café E @, Marens Bakery and Jostu gift and cande shop. The old Rødbrygga also tells its story to the restaurant guests.

The Muustrø Park is an idyllic place in the municipal centre of Straumen. Here you can use all your senses as you wander along the path. Large and small sculptures by Nils Aas and a mill are some of the attractions. The house Ringstu is among Inderøy’s oldest preserved buildings and is situated in the middle of the park. At the mouth of the river ”Grana” you can stroll over the Muusbrua bridge from 1816 – to the sound of the sculpture ‘Flounder’ by Nils Aas.

Mosvik is situated on the other side of the Skarnundet bridge and facilities include Mosvik Brygge restaurant, Jekta Fjrodstue pub and restaurant, Tante Pose cafe, haridressers and grocery store.Mosvik museum is located in the old Grande school and feature an exhibition of old agricultural implements from the village, among other things.

The rich soil and high skies above Inderøy provide excellent produce for the small scale food farmers. Inderøysodd which is produced in Straumen, is a popular variation of the traditional Trønder dish.

Den Gyldne Omvei / The Golden Road

The stretch of road known as The Golden Road takes you through beautiful cultural landscape along county road Fv761/FV755 (with detours) in Inderøy municipality, and has a multitude of interesting sites with many family activities. Locally produced food, special places to stay and dine, local artists, exhibitions and attractions are among the experiences on The Golden Road.

Sustainable destination

Inderøy and The Giolden Road is  Den Gyldne Omvei is recognised as a sustainable destination. It indicates a set of values where experiences and development take place with consideration for history, local people and the next generation.


The Skarnsund bridge connects Mosvik at the Fosen-peninsula to the rest of Inderøy. This is one of the world’s longest cable-stayed bridges, where the characteristic red cables reach into the sky like a gigantic harp. Under the bridge, in the Skarnsundet Strait, you will find a favourite diving and fishing area. The orange sea plants give the impression of more tropical waters. The Skarnsundet strait connecs the two fjords Trondheimsfjorden and Beitstadfjorden. The bridge was listed for protection in 2008 by the National Antiquarian. Close to the bridge is Skarnsundet Fjord Centre, of interest for fishing enthusiasts.


Enjoy one of the many cultural -and hiking trails in Inderøy. Try the cultural trail Straumen-Vangshylla, the Northugrunden, Letnes Cultural Trail or the trail up to Storknuken Mountain.

Experience Inderøy by bike

Many also choose a biking holiday in Inderøy. On bike or by feet, explore ancient thoroughfares from fjord to fjord and through beautiful landscape interspersed with burial mounds and monoliths. Between hiking and cycling you have plenty of time for gallery visits, shopping and enjoying good food.

National bike route no. 1

The national bike route “the coastal route” follows the coast from Svinesund to Kirkenes and at Innherred the route passes through Meltingen and Inderøy to Steinkjer and onwards alont the coastal Road “Kystriksveien”..

If you are visiting in the winter, we recommend visiting Petter Northug ski stadium close to Straumen, Vårlonken in Mosvik or Solbergrunden ski trail in Framverran.