Caraway is a spice and a medicinal plant that has been cultivated for more than 5000 years. At Inderøy, the tradition was passed on by Johannes Bragstad in Inderøy caraway who gathered caraway seeds and propagated these.

Production of Caraway

In the summer of 1989, Johannes Bragstad, farmer and former chairman of the board at Sundnes Distillery, gathered seeds of  wild caraway on the farm. The following year, the first 300 m2 of caraway were sown. This was the start of what was to become a  significant cultivation of caraway in Inderøy. In 2004, about 500 decares were cultivated in the municipality. In fact, 9 out of 10 producers of caraway in Norway are from Inderøy.

Berg Gård og Inderøy Brenneri - Aquavit nr 1 Fat nr 2

Medicinal aquavit and modern production

Caraway has long been an important flavour additive in bread, cheese and sauerkraut. In the 19th century, salt and caraway were the ingredients most used for taste and preservation in many dishes.

Caraway is the main spice in Norwegian fat-stored aquavit, and originally it was probably thought that aquavit with caraway had a medicinal effect.

Berg farm and Inderøy Distillery along the Golden Road in Inderøy produce large amounts of caraway which they use in the aquavit production on the farm. After a hiatus of 116 years, aquavit is again produced in Inderøy (Sundnes was the previous producers of aquavit in Inderøy).

Aquavit is produced at Berg farm with great enthusiasm and curiosity. Old traditions and recipes come to life, along with innovation and experimentation with new and exciting taste sensations within aquavit, says the chief distiller Svein Berfjord at Inderøy Distillery.

Caraway in cheese and cabbage

Caraway is traditionally used in sauerkraut. At Innherred, Gangstad Farm Dairy use caraway in their Karveost (Caraway cheese), which is a mild semi-solid “croûte fleurie” cheese. Can be enjoyed together with Aquavit jelly.

In Norway and Innherred, there wont be Christmas without sauerkraut to go with your belly pork! If you make sauerkraut yourself, be sure to buy caraway! Inderøy caraway is sold in small packages at several of the farm shops in Inderøy.

Cheese platter - Photo Lena Johnsen