Hiking in Innherred offers nature-based experiences for everyone. Whether you are young or old Innherred has a hike to suit you and your needs! A walk for exercise, a mountain hike or perhaps a cycling trip?

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In the map you will find links to many great hiking trails and car walks including route description and maps. All the trails are well marked and/or facilitated dirt roads. There are both summit ascents and historic trips. We have chosen to highlight 10 great hikes on this page. A common feature are that they are some of the best that Innherred has to offer! Find more hiking trips and suggestions from Innherred at www.ut.no

Vandreruter og turstier langs fjorden - Strand i nærheten av Vangshylla, Inderøy


Inderøy kultursti (Inderøy Cultural Trail)
Grading: Easy – Distance: 10,9 km
This trail is probably the first “country road” at Utøya, as it goes along the fjord – where the first settlement was located.
Stokkvola (12) Stokkvola
Grading: Easy – Distance:: 4,4 km
The trail to Stokkvola is a dirt road in great terrain. The path starts by Møssingdalen Skisenter in Åsen and winds through the mountain terrain to the top of where you are greete by a fabulous view.
Bokkhaugen, Levanger Foto: Steinkjerfotografen Bokkhaugen
Grading: Easy – Distance: 4 km round-trip
Innherred’s most beautiful viewpoint can be found at the top of Bokkhaugen in Levanger. The trail is easy to follow, gravelled and also well facilitated pushchairs. Even ascent all the way. Lean-to, BBQ site and outdoor wc at the top.
Merka tursti gamle kongeveg verdal, Inderøy Gamle Kongeveg (Via Regia)
Grading: Medium – Distance: 6,8 km
The old royal road (via regia) is the oldest thoroughfare in the area, probably dating from the early Iron age and is a part of the old road through Innherred. This is most certainly one of the roads used by the peasant army as they approached Stiklestad in July 1030.
Marsteinsvola Marsteinsvola
Grading: Medium – Distance: 8,6 km round-trip
The top borders Inderøy, Steinkjer and Verdal – and can therefore offer great views to all three municipalities and over the Trondheim fjord! There are several routes to the top, we recommend parking by the Raudflo lake on the Røra-side.
Oftenåsen - Steinkjer Oftenåsen
Grading: Medium – Distance: 4,6 km round-trip
Oftenåsen with Peilehytta is a natural recreational area in Steinkjer. At the top there is the worlds largest garden chair and Peilehytta (serving refreshments on Sundays 11-15). The view from the top is fantastic!
jønnemsklumpen Jønnemsklumpen
Grading: Medium – Distance: 10,5 km round-trip
The highest point in Beitstad, 530 masl. During the ascent to Jønnemsklumpen, we pass by several small ponds in marshy terrain. The last leg to the top is steep and gradually bare rock. A fabulous view of Beistad and the surrounding area from the top.
Norges geografiske midtpunkt Norway’s Geographical Midpoint:
Grading: Medium – Distance: 9,5 km one way
Norway’s geographic midpoint has become a hiking destination for outdoor recreation and an attraction by the gateway to Blåfjella- Skjækerfjella National Park. The midpoint is marked by a stone cairn and neaby there is a lean-to and an information board. NTTs cabin, Setertjønnhytta, is situated just 600 m from the midpoint.
Merka fottur til Roaldsteinen Snåsa Roaldsteinen
Grading: Easy – Distance: 1,6 km round-trip
This hike is easy and has a fantastic view of Lake Snåsa (Snåsavatnet). Even though the hike is short and easy, the walk takes you through both forest and marshland. Roaldsteinen is an old rural fortress.
Persgårdshalla Stod Persgårdshalla
Grading: Medium – Distance: 2 km return
You walk up from Gusthaugen in Stod, to a viewpoint with beautiful views towards Steinkjer and Lake Snåsa. Well trodden trail from the base of Persgårdshalla, steep terrain, but with a great picnic area at the top with a large lean-to, BBQ area and WC.  Can be walked as a round-trip with a different trail on descent.

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