Innherred is great for hiking, from short well-facilitated walks close to the town centres to long demanding mountain hikes in the Blåfjella-Skjækerfjella National Park. ! Whether you want a quick trip from the main road, a summit hike, a long hike or a geocaching hike.
Old or young – regardless of age, Innherred has a route that suits you and your wishes


The nature in Innherred is diverse and beautiful and lends itself to both short and long hikes. We have gathered 17 great hiking destinations in a tour guide that you can read for free on the net and will soon be able to get in our tourist office.

The trails are well marked and/or facilitated with a gravel path. There are both summit hikes and historical trails. There are numerous geocaches in Innherred, and the hikes are marked with a symbol for geocache if there is a cache at the trip destination or along the path.

Here is a list of the trails that are included in the guide.

Easy hikesVandreguide for Innherred

1. Stokkvola (Levanger)
2. Bokkhaugen (Levanger)
3. Levanger city centre
4. Persgårdshalla (Steinkjer)
5. Roaldstein (Snåsa)
6. Tupptur (Snåsa)

Medium hikes

7. Oftenåsen (Steinkjer)
8. Hårskallen (Levanger)
9. Olstoln (Inderøy)
10. Jønnemsklumpen (Steinkjer)
11. Langvasshytta (Snåsa)
12. Inderøy Kultursti
13. Gamle kongeveg (Inderøy/Verdal)


14. Norges Geografiske Midtpunkt (Steinkjer)
15. Skjækerhatten (Snåsa)
16. Hermannssnasa (Verdal)
17. Fjellgårdene (Snåsa)

Guiding and bespoke experiences

We customise and facilitate good experiences. If you need a tour guide or extra help in planning you stay, we will assist you! Come to Innherred for experiences like pilgrimage hiking, cultural-historical walks and summit hikes combined with delicious local cuisine in hiking friendly Innherred in Trøndelag, just 1 hour north of Trondheim Luftham Værnes.

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