Make a conscious choice to leave as few footprints as possible when you travel – travel Green!
We show you how to travel green without having to let go of the high quality and comfort you are accustomed to in Innherred in Trøndelag.

Travelling, like so much else in life is about making good choices. Good sustainable choices for the globe and for proserity. At Innherred there are many opportunities for living, eating and shopping green.

Travelling green in Trøndelag

Foto: Olav Breen Hvordan komme seg til Levanger, Verdal, Inderøy og Steinkjer

Train and electric cars

If you want to travel green, Trønderbanen runs from Trondheim to Innherred every hour, in addition to the Nordlandsbanen that has departures about 2 times a day from both north and south. See full schedule of timetables

There are fast chargers for electric cars in several strategic locations at Innherred. In addition, there is good coverage of ordinary charging stations. See full overview in El-bilforeningens Charging map.

Sykkelpakke - Borgenfjorden, Trondheimsfjorden og Øyna og Husfrua Inderøy - Foto: Wil Lee-Wright

Foto: Wil Lee-Wright

Sustaibable destination Inderøy

Sustainable Destination is a quality mark for Norwegian destinations that carry out considerable and continuous efforts for increased sustainability in the tourism industry. Inderøy is among the first in Norway and Europe to be awarded this mark.

The label for Sustainable Destinations brings together and visualises the many good initiatives and collaboration that has been initiated in connection with the earth and nature, the food traditions, the art and culture, the people and to tell the story of generosity, hospitality and good business. Read more about The Golden Road and Inderøy

Green accommodation

Sleeping green involves staying with a venue that has taken concious choice to be sustainable or eco-certified without compromising on comfort or service.   See our overview of green accommodation venues.

Markens grøde på Ystgård Gartneri, Inderøy - Foto: Lena Johnsen

Locally produced greens from Ystgård Gartneri, Inderøy – Photo: Lena Johnsen

Eat and drink green!

Local short travelled and un-transported!

We have good access to local produce at Innherred. The food served at restaurants and eateries arw rarely transported far and much is locally produced. Some eating places even have an organic profile. On our website you can see an overview of certified green dining venues.

At Berg Gård you can buy very local meat from the farm’s own farm shop. The meat comes from the farm’s own livestock and is slaughtered at the farm’s own slaughterhouse.

Local drinks

Mikkelhaug Gård produces and sells local fruit and berry drinks, which can be bought directly at the farm in Levanger, and in most restaurants, cafes and larger shops in Innherred.

Inderøy Gårdsbryggeri (farm brewery) produces and sells locally produced organic beer. It is available in stores and restaurants in Innherred. In addition, the beer and drinks can be bought in their farm shop (see opening hours)

Locally produced ancient grain

In Steinkjer, Gullimunn produces heriditary grains; ancient grain grown organically, processed and sold locally. They also hold courses in baking with ancient grains. See for more information

Mat fra Innherrred - Foto: Lena Johnsen, Inderøymat

Locally produced food from Innherrred – Photo: Lena Johnsen, Inderøymat

Bike- and hiking routes

Whether you want to go biking or hiking, Innherred has many great routes and trails. Do you want to experience Innherred without a car? Then we can recommend the use of electric bike! You can cover longer distances without exhausting yourself completely. Hire e-bikes here!
Cycling routes
Hiking routes

Vandring på kulturstien mellom Gulburet og Øyna. Foto WilLee Wright

Hiking along the cultural trail between Gulburet og Øyna. Photo: WilLee Wright

Responsible tourist

Travelling resposnibly and green gives you great opportunities to get to know the locals where you are, and contributes to good experiences also for those who make their living from tourism. As a responsible tourist, you contribute to conservation of natural and cultural heritage and in consequence give your contribution to safeguarding the world’s biological and cultural diversity.

Welcome to green travel at Innherred!

Bokkhaugen, Levanger Foto: Steinkjerfotografen

Photo: Steinkjerfotografen