Be together in the moment – enjoy silence and friendship for three days along St. Olavsleden from Stiklestad to Falstad.

Fancy taking a girlfriend, a sister or your mother on a pilgrimage along the St. Olavsleden pilgrimage trail from Stiklerad to Falstad in Levanger.  On a three day trip, both on foot and by bike, we now offer a ready made travel package.

The journey starts at Stiklestad. You will be told the exciting story of the place during a tour and the opportunity to see the exhibition on your own. The story of Olav Haraldsson and the battle of Stiklestad in 1030 might create some expectations for the next two days on the trip. There will be real pilgrim accommodation in the Guest Loft, a reconstructed storehouse from the 1200s.

After a good breakfast you walk to Munkeby Herberge in Levanger. You hike through both open cultural landscapes and wooded hills.

The next day you cycle down to the historic Wooden House Town of Levanger. Enjoy a meal at Madam Backlund. We also recommend a tour of Levanger Fotomuseum. The chemist Harald Renbjør, a pioneer in Norway with regard to colour photography, lived here in Levanger and the museum have set up his workshop identical to the original one and every year exhibits wonderful copies from his rich heritage of negatives and other temporary exhibitions.

The last leg of the journey goes past Alstadhaug church, one of Norway’s largest burial mounds and Norske Skog’s large factory plant at Fiborgtangen. Not long afterwards, you travel again the fjord and arrive at Ekne and Falstadsenteret where you will spend the last night. You can take a tour around the permanent exhibition and use the digital reconstruction of the place to become better acquainted with the history of the Second World War in particular.

The Falstadsenteret is located in a unique historical landscape at Ekne in Levanger. The centre is located in the main building of the former German prison camp SS Strafgefangenenlager Falstad. The camp was one of the largest prison camps in Norway during World War II. Today, Falstad is a memorial and center for human rights. Falstad offers accommodation and has a kitchen that serves great quality food.

Guided tour: Historic perspective

The Falstadsenteret have 3 permanent exhibitions and temporary exhibitions in addition to a digital reconstruction of the prison camp. Through text, artifacts, sound and images, the histoy of the  SS Strafgefangenenlager Falstad and the fate of the war prisoners, the National Socialist camp system, Nazism and the genocide is conveyed. You can also visit the Falstad forrest and the memorial site where over 200 people were executed during WWII. 

Damer på tur

Booking information

Price: from NOK 2650,- pr person.
Included in the price: 3x nights in a double room, bike hire 1 day, luggage transfer 2 days, pilgrim pass, 2x packed lunch, guided tours and entrance at Stiklestad and Falstadsenteret.
Tel:+47 74 40 17 16