Innherred can be reached by car, train and bus. The airport in Trondheim, with many international connections, is only 50 kilometres to the south.

Center map

By car

The E6 is the main traffic artery going through Innherred. The road goes right through Steinkjer, while it loops around the Verdal, Levanger and Snåsa town centres.

If you are driving via Fosen, you may choose to take Fv795 over the Skarnsundbrua Bridge.

If you arrive from the north, you can get to Innherred via the Kystriksveien road (Fv17).

From Sweden you can drive via Åre and Fv72 until you reach the junction with the E6 in Verdal. The Pilgrims’ Route from Sweden to Trondheim via Stiklestad, the St. Olav’s Route runs partly parallel to the Fv72.

By train

The Nordlandsbanen Railway between Trondheim and Bodø has several stops in Innherred: Levanger, Verdal, Røra (Inderøy), Steinkjer and Snåsa.

The regional train between Steinkjer and Trondheim makes several stops in Innherred. For booking and train timetables, see

By bus

Local buses are operated by Trønderbilene for AtB. For timetables see  For more information about local buses, please contact one of the tourist information offices.

By plane

The nearest airport is located 50 kilometres south of LevangerTrondheim Airport Værnes has daily connections with numerous Norwegian cities and towns, as well as destinations such as Prague, Riga, Copenhagen, London, Stockholm and Amsterdam. New routes are constantly being established.

For flight timetables and booking, please contact the following airlines: