Geocaching is an exciting treasure hunt for small treasures in nature and is an activity suitable for all! We show you how!

Whether you are a lonely business traveller with boring evenings, a couple on an active holiday, or a family holidaying together, geocaching is a great way to discover new and exciting areas and great scenery and exciting areas. We explain how you get started!

Geo – what?

Geocaching is an international activity and can in some ways be compared to orientation. The difference is that you find the posts using GPS, and that the posts you are looking for are called “caches”.  Information about all the caches is located on the website.

Where do I start?

Download the Geocaching app – this is basically free and you will find many caches without paying anything. By upgrading to premium membership, you get access to even more caches and many useful add-ons. Price from about NOK50.

On the map below from you can see overview of the many caches in Innherred!

Bogn Mega Trail – something for everyone!

Bogn is situated in a large scenic area on the border between Steinkjer, Namdalseid and Namsos. A group of dedicated geocachers (Odin’s Ravens and The HYP gang) have in collaboration with Statskog created the geocache trail the Bogn Megatrail.

They invite you to explore this great hiking area, either by car, bike, on foot or by canoe/kayak or climbing to find the 1001 cahes belonging to this trail. Along this trail is also “the Raven” – beautiful geo art.

Bogn recreational area consists of forest and marsh areas, mountains, fishing lakes, picnic areas, cultural treasures and ancient history. The area has a rich animal and bird life. There are several lodging options; some huts are free to use, while larger cabins can be rented. There are also great opportunities for hunting and fishing. See for cabin rental, and for hunting / fishing opportunities.

This trail is suitable everyone, even for smaller children!

Although many of the caches have a pencil, do take your own. Feel free to take a pencil sharpener and help us keep the writing utensils in order.

Read more about Bogn Mega Trail (must have premium membership to open link)