Dining places with a view at Innherred

Take in the view of the fjord, the mountains and the beautiful cultural landscape while enjoying the food in good company.


Food isn’t just sustenance, it is so much more! Food is culture, and here at Innherred we know this and it has paid off as Trøndelag and Innherred is the leading food region in Norway. Get to know the foodm the culture and the people during your stay in Innherred.

Choose at place to eat at Innherred!

Find the dining venue in Innherred that suites you best. At Innherred you will find charming farm cafés, the exclusive Experience @Bjerkem, Øyna with its panoramic views and much, much more. Common to them all is the love of food and good local produce.

What’s happening in Innherred?

The Drama about St. Olav, the Steinkjer Festival, Soddjazz and the Viking Festival are just some of the things you can experience at Innherred. See what’s on in our event calendar..

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