When it comes to fishing Innherred has a lot to offer. You can fish in the Trondheimsfjord from land or boat or in many of the excellent fishing lakes in Levanger, Verdal, Inderøy, Steinkjer or Snåsa.

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The trondheimsfjord

The Trondheimsfjord is Norway’s longest fjord and is a perfect place for fishing from land or boat. It has a rich diversity of fish with at least 90 species being observed. The fjord has the largest production of biological diversity among Norwegian rivers. A day on the Trondheimsfjord can easily become the highlight of your holiday. The sheltered surroundings round Inderøy provide a safe place for all anglers. Do you need fishing equipment? We rent out fishing gear at the torusit office in Steinkjer.

Attractive Fishing spots

Download map of fishing spots in Innherred
Download map of fishing spots in Steinkjer

The pier in front of the apartments at Skarnsundet Fjordsenter. The bay of Skarnsundet is situated between two fjords and two strong tidal currents, and copious amounts of fish gather here due to the good feeding conditions.

Stornesøra – Inderøy
A great spot for shore fishing is the shore between the camping place and the football field at Stornesøra!

Letnestangen – Inderøy
At Letnes farm between Utøy and Kjerknesvågen, by the boat marina.

Sundsøya – Inderøy
Follow the waterfront on the west side of the island next to Saga- Centre for Photography at Straumen in Inderøy.

Høsholmen – Inderøy
By Sund Folkehøgskole – towards Hylla in Røra

The quay in Steinkjer  city centre, below the building shop “Byggern” and up towards the news paper offices of Trønder-Avisa.

Skåtangen next to the beach Paradisbukta – Steinkjer
Follow the trail out towards Skåtangen, great for shore fishing at the tip of Skåtangen.

The River Promenade, by “Fylkets hus” – Steinkjer
Due to construction work, it is not as accessible, but it is a fine fishing spot.
Download map of fishing spots in Innherred
Download map of fishing spots in Steinkjer

Trout and Char

Lake Snåsavatnet
Snåsavannet is Norway’s sixth largest lake and is regarded as a good fishing lake for trout, char and burbot.

Fishing licenses, boat rental and accommodation
Føllingstua Camping 14 km nord for Steinkjer
Kvam Motell og Camping ca 24 km nord for Steinkjer, langs E6
Godseier Schulz langs Fv 763 i Snåsa

Lake Leksdalsvatnet
Available for fishing all year and both trout and char are ready to bite!
In need of a fishing guide? Go fishing can take you to the best fishing spots.
Receive an offer for guided fishing on email 
Boat rental and fishing license for Lake Leksdalsvatnet

Steinkjer Kommuneskoger
Steinkjer Kommuneskoger offers free fishing in more than 50 lakes. Several of these lakes are chock-full of nice red mountain trout. Steinkjer Kommuneskoger rents out cabins and boats at some of the lakes.

Lake Mokkavatnet
Located in the valley of Ogndalen in Steinkjer and is also a good fishing lake and you can stay and eat at Mokk Farm.

The State Common land (crown land) in Snåsa
With a single fishing liccense from Snåsa Fjellstyre you can fish in all of the close to 2000 fishing lakes and there are also mny rivers to choose from. They also rent out several boats and cabins where you can stay while fishing.

Pike fishing

The freshwater lakes of Fossemvatnet and Reinsvatnet just outside the town of Steinkjer offer good conditions for pike fishing with rod or rowboat. Boats are available for rental at several places around the lakes. Fishing license for Fossemvatnet and Reinsvatnet can be bought online at www.inatur.no

Salmon fishing

The Verdalselva River running through Verdal
The Steinkjerelva River in Steinkjer city centre
The Levangerelva River running past Munkeby Herberge to Levanger city centre.
For more informasjon about salmon fishing and possibly guided fishing, contact Go Fishing

Rental of fishing gear

In collaboration with Go Fishing, the tourist office in Steinkjer rents out fishing gear. We have rods for sea, fresh water and salmon fishing for rent, in addition to fishing lures and other fishing accessories for sale. Rate per day NOK 250,-
Book rental of fishing gear here.