Looking for good local food from pleasant farm shops? We have made an overview list for you.

Farm food outlets in Innherred

See our list of farm food outlets at Innherred – here you will find locally produced cheese, “short-travelled” and “un-travelled” meat products, fresh eggs and refreshing hostmanship in pleasant surroundings. Some places are self-service farm shops, at other places you may even get the food served – take the time for a breather and enjoy truly local food in Innherred!


Mikkelhaug Farm
Juice and berry products, egg – self-service

Munkeby Herberge
Cheese, eggs, cured ham – Café

Munkeby Mariakloster
Award-winning cheese – Self-service


Ystgård Garden Centre
Vegetables and local food products

Bead from their own bakery, meat products from their farm and other local farms, baked goods. beer brewed on the farm and much more – Café and farm shop

Gangstad farm dairy
Award-winning cheese, ice-cream, buscuits, meat products from the farm and other local products and produce, Kombucha – farm shop

Berg farm
Cured ham, cotelettes, and other meat products from free-rage pigs and sheep from the farm, caraway and much more.

Inderøy Farm brewery
Beer and cider – farm brewery shop

Cured meat and meat products from their own farm – restaurant and food outlet

Inderøy butchery shop
Cured ham, meat products, sausages, soups and SODD.