Wanting to gather your extended family for a great family holiday for a long weekend or more? Spend time together and create great memories – we give you tips for planning!

If your family is spread all over the country or in different countries, it is all the more important to keep in touch. What better way than to plan a family holiday together.

Several generations spending time together is something we rarely have time for in everyday life, time gets away from us in a hectic everyday life. Therefore, it is perfect to plan a holiday where grandparents, children and grandchildren create good memories together. A holiday where children can be children, but where the adults also have time to be adults.

Ladies enjoying themselves at Strømnes in Inderøy

Photo: Lena Johnsen

At Innherred the possibilities are many, whether you like the fjord or the mountains, basic standard or more luxurious surroundings. If you love deliscious food, you can order a take-away or head to one of Innherred’s many excellent restaurants – you decide!

Mountain – and farm holiday

Enjoy your holiday with your extended family. Spend your time hiking in the mountains, camp fire, fishing, padling and doing activities together. Cook your food outdoors and enjoy your lunch in the sun. Maybe grandma and grandpa can teach the grandchildren to grill self-caught fish?

Hiking to Hårskallen mountain top in Levanger

Hiking to Hårskallen mountain top in Levanger. Photo: Visit Innherred