Experience local food at its best along The Golden Road while enjoying the beautiful scenery and the view of the blue Trondheimfjord.

This package includes accommodation at the historic country farm hotel Husfrua, 2 course dinner at one of the best restaurants in Inderøy – Øyna and a tailor made programme along the Golden Road.

Inderøy municipality is located in the heart of Trøndelag and Innherred, just 1,5 hours north of Trondheim.  Experience local food at its best while enjoying the Trønder beautiful scenery and the view of the blue Trondheimfjord.


Husfrua Gårdshotell

Husfrua Country Farm Hotel

Husfrua is a unique accommodation venue steeped in history. The breakfast is homemade With delicious bread and bread filling sourced from neighbours along The Golden Road. Wonderful views of the Trondheimfjord. Farm shop and summer cafe on site.





Øyna, Den Gyldne Omvei


On the day of arrival, enjoy dinner at  Øyna, one of Trøndelag’s best restaurants With the longest and most stunning view of the Trondheimfjord. Located just 5 minutes walk from Husfrua Country Farm Hotel.

Øyna is a certified eco tourism business and is very proud of the fact that 90 % of their produce is sourced from the 10 municipallities that can be SEEN from Øyna.




The Golden Road includes 20 different businesses featuring arts and Crafts, local Food and Exhibitions and more and it is Our pleasure to prepare a personal programme for you With recommendation to other stops along the Golden Road. We forward by agreement a customised tour programme at no extra charge.

Inkluded in the package:

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