The farm shop at Berg farm
©Berg Gård

The farm shop at Berg farm

Welcome to Berg Grd on Christmas Eve.

The shop is brimming with Christmas merchandise, and the always happy Svein and Kirsti welcome you to pre-Christmas shopping at the farm's quaint village store.

You may buy  local food from the farm's butchery, sample drinks from the distillery, and luxuriate in gourmet items from all over the nation here.
Christmas cuisine, cured meats, cheese, gift packs, Christmas delights, mulled wine, coffee, baked goods, spices, gift items, and MUCH MORE may be purchased.
Your number one gift shop - The Christmas shop begins on Saturday, November 5 and is open EVERY DAY from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. through December 23.

Slacteriloftet's CHRISTMAS TABLE.

Welcome drink, Christmas meal buffet with raw farm meat, coffee, and dessert.

Music can be arranged upon request.

Book early before we are totally booked for 2022!!

Join the aquavit farmer for a one-of-a-kind experience in the distillery that includes storytelling and aquavit tasting. Feel free to combine it with a Slacteriloftet Christmas party.

As a Christmas present, consider gift bundles.
You may also buy gift sets here, which are the ideal Christmas present for someone who has everything. The contents of gift boxes or delivery baskets from your local grocer are entirely up to you. They customise gift packages based on the desired value and content. REMEMBER TO ORDER WELL BEFORE CHRISTMAS AS THE STOCK IS LIMITED!!

Christmas Day is November 3rd.
Slacteriloftet sells Christmas cuisine, cakes, and drinks, as well as an ample Christmas store, an exhibitor, and the sale of Christmas trees and corn bands. You can feel the Christmas mood here!

Tel: 971 31 405 Email:

Berg Grd is located in lovely settings along Den Gyldne Omvei in Indery municipality. Svein and Kirsti run a farm slaughterhouse, aquavit distillery, farm shop, and restaurant at Slakteriloftet in addition to their regular farm activities. You will be greeted with warmth, passion, and delight as you learn about the farm's history and activities.

Welcome to a relaxing Christmas shopping experience at Berg Farm!

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