Exhibition by Siv Bugge Vatne
©Siv Bugge Vatne

Exhibition by Siv Bugge Vatne

Hearth song

From September 17 until December 31,

Siv Bugge Vatne's design language is distinguished by its powerful materiality and presence. She makes sculptures and items inspired by history, science, and nature. Bugge Vatne carves and moulds wood and stone, and displays sculptures from his Humming (2018 -) series, where the method is influenced by the Japanese art direction Mono-ha.

Siv Bugge Vatne was born in Molde and now lives and works in Oslo. Bugge Vatne studied at the Bergen Art School (1995-96), the Oslo Art Academy (1996-2001), and the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in the Netherlands (1999). She has had many solo shows as well as involvement in bigger group exhibitions. Soft, warm, and spiritual (solo, 2020), Mre og Romsdal Art Center: Humming (solo, 2018), and Oslo Utmark: Now I am forest (solo, 2018). (solo, 2016). Seasons – Where I Am, Hovedya Kunstsal (2021), SJ, Mre og Romsdal Art Center (2021), Baerum Kunsthall, a guest at Flowers from Svalbard by Ulla Schildt (2020), stlandsutstillingen (2019), and the Kunstnerforbundet, Show Me Your Garden (2019). (2019). Previous works may be found in numerous collections, including the KUBE Art Museum, Punkt, and Statens Konstrd (Sweden).

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday9/17/2022