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Day 3 of An adventurous voyage on the Trondheimsfjorden
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Day 3 of An adventurous voyage on the Trondheimsfjorden

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Day 4 - 4. august 2019: Steinkjer ​​​​​- Trondheim - En Eventyrlig Seilas på Trondheimsfjorden

Experience the beautiful Trondheimsfjorden from the boat SDS Hansteen from Steinkjer to Trondheim. There will be stops in Mosvik and Leksvik. On board you will be entertained with music, good stories, and you sail through beautiful cultural landscapes.

An Adventurous Voyage is a four-day sea voyage with SDS Hansteen on the inner Trondheim fjord. The historic ship will call at Tautra, Levanger, Ytterøy, Mosvik, Kjerknesvågen, Steinkjer and Leksvik before arriving back at its home port of Trondheim on the evening of Sunday, 4 August.

SDS Hansteen, from 1866, is the world's oldest sail and steamship still in use. It has a history as a research vessel, a royal ship, a liner in the Trondheim Fjord and Helgeland and a hospital ship in Oslo. Hansteen will call at the old restored quays with a historic atmosphere. At each port of call and onboard, passengers and visitors meet tableaux's, music and much more about the villages and cultural life associated with this ship traffic.

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Day 1: Trondheim - Levanger
Day 2: Levanger - Kjerknesvågen
Day 3: Kjerknesvågen - Steinkjer
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The entire journey: NOK 2800/*1400
Day trips: NOK 700/*350
Single port of calls: NOK 300/*150
*Children under 15 years
The above prices is just for the voyage and do not include food, accommodation and activities on land. 

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