In Innherred you can, as always, pick and choose from delicious food experiences – What is more exciting is that in 2022 more has been done to really highlight the quality of the food you are offered. If you see the sign for European Region of Gastronomy at a restaurant or eating place, you will know that at least 30% of the food served is produced with local produce!

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Foto: Espen Storhaug

Trondheim city and the region Trøndelag has been awarded “European food region for 2022”

The golden fields by Gulburet. Phot: Fredrik Bye

The award is a homage to a region that takes local food production very seriously throughout the whole chain of production.

Vuku gårdsmeieri (farm dairy). Photo Albertine Løseth Vestvik

It is a homage to the farmers, fishers and producers who bring forth the most excellent quality goods from every nook and cranny in Trøndelag.

Courses in foraging and wild plants with Villnis. Photo: Eric Roy Brandvik-Hansen

It is a homage to the region’s passionate chefs who know how to use the region’s independently and locally produced goods of world class in their work.

Friends enjoying lovely local food at Fæby Brewery in Verdal. Photo_Marius_Rua_Buckethaus

In Trøndelag we have a wide array of high quality produce, skilled processers/producers, top restaurants, and world class hotels!

Friends enjoying lovely local food at Fæby Brewery in Verdal. Photo_Marius_Rua_Buckethaus

In Innherred you can pick and choose from wonderful food experiences in 2022!

Local food of international standard in Innherred!

In Innherred you can find locally produced food of international quality. You can purchase it directly from the farmer, store, or you can eat it as a delicious dish at a restaurant! To make it easy for you to find those who really take locally produced food seriously, we have put together a list showing who is producing, selling and preparing the food. More to come!

Certified “European Region of Gastronomy” businesses  in Innherred

The certification is divided into the following categories:

Food and or beverage producers and food processers (both small-scale and volume production).

At Innherred you will meet hosts in a class of their own who serve you real Trøndelag food and drinks of good quality!

Hosts and producers
Companies that both serve and produce Trøndelag food and drink.