Here are our best recommendations for fabulous winter experiences at Innherred.

Mountain trip: Experience the mountains in winter

Head up into the mountains with friends or family this winter. Rent a cabin or book in at Mokk farm which offers both accommodation, food and winter activities, eg snowshoeing in the border zone of Blåfjella-Skjækerfjella National Park.

Snåsa Fjellstyre have 12 cabins for rent with attractive locations in the Snåsa Mountains. These cabins are excellent starting points for hunting, fishing and hiking, both during winter and summer. These are self-cateried cabins that have to be pre-booked.

Steinkjer kommuneskoger – Ogndalsbruket KF have 3 cabins for rent all year – all fully equipped self-catered cabins.

From cabin to cabin in Skjækra

Take a trip to Norway’s geographic midpoint and “feel” the Blåfjella – Skjækerfjella National Park. Hike from cabin to cabin and experience the perfect winter landscape, mountains, lakes and hiking. Whether you enjoy going alone or with family and friends, an overnight trip in the Skjækra mountains offer fantastic nature experiences.

Experiences with skis on your feet: cross country or downhill

There are many great ski slopes in Innherred; It is no wonder that several of the best skiers of all time are from Trøndelag with so many good quality trails to choose from! Whether you embark on a leisurely skiing trip to enjoy an orange in the sunshine or want a proper workout, there are km after km of groomed ski tracks available to you in Innherred. During the Winter season, there are groomed trails near virtually every village, and some of the trails are also lit at night.

At Petter Nordthug skis tadion or Steinkjer ski stadion you can train in great ski trails with varied terrain. If you want to get further into the mountains, a trip to the Geographical midpoint of  Norway will be an experience of a lifetime, where you are right at the border zone of Blåfjella-Skjækerfjella National Park. Hire the cabin Lågvassbu and spend a night in the wilderness of Jens Kverno’s kingdom!

Torsbustaden Alpine Centre is in Levanger municipality for those interested in downhill skiing or snowboarding.


Tired of skiing? Why not try something new! Slip on some snow shoes and explore the nature by foot. This is a good alternative to hiking and randonne without skis in the winter. Snow shoes are easy to use and suitable for kids and adults alike.

Guided snowshoeing tour

Mokk Gård in Steinkjer, on the border of Blåfjella – Skjækerfjella National Park, offer guided snowshoeing tours in the beautiful terrain around the farm. The tour can be conducted during the day, at twilight or in the evening with a head lamp. Mokk farm also offer accommodation and dining.


The Frol mountains and Skallstuggu mountain lodge

Skallstuggu Lodge is situated in scenic surroundings about 20 km from Levanger city centre and is a wonderful starting point for Winter activities like, cross country skiing in the many prepared ski slopes in the area, sledding, ski mountaineering (randonne) etc. The lodge is located  440 m.a.s.l with excellent parking opportunities. Vulusjøen lake is just 150 meters from the cabin.  Open on Sundays for dining, unless hired out for an event.

Sledding near Skallstuggu in Levnager municipality, 20 min from the city centre. Photo: Skallstuggu

Winter fishing in lakes and fjords

Ice Fishing is both fun and makes the dark winter months more exciting. The season starts as soon as the ice has settled on the lakes and fjords. The ice must of course be thick enough to withstand your weight. 15 cm or more is generally thick enough. It is advisable to drill a Whole to check the thickness if you are unsure. Remember ice drill and warm clothes!”
Innherred has numerous beautiful lakes in which to indulge in some fishing. There are excellent lakes up in the Mountains, near roads or on the fjord. Recommendations for fjord fishing in the winter is  Verrabotn or Beitstadfjorden.

Ice Fishing in Skjækra

The beautiful scenery at the borders of Blåfjella-Skjækerfjella Nasjonal Park is perfect for ice fishing. Make it an experience to remember by staying one or more nights –there are several cabins for hire  with access to excellent fishing lakes and great ski terrain nearby.

Snåsa municipality boasts more than 2000 small and large fishing lakes, and a great number of those are suitable for ice fishing. One fishing license gives you access to all of those lakes. The 3 most popular are Lake Grønningen, Lake Langvatnet and Lake Heggsjøen, all reachable by car. Both trout and char are  among the catches in these lakes.

Ice skating

The ice has settled on the lakes, it is cold and a wonderful time to be outside. Bring your friends and family to go skating on frozen lakes. Light bonfires on the lakes edge, relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Many schools in the district put ice on an area at school. Some other tips are Lake Lustadvatnet in Ogndalen, Steinkjer, Lake Granavatnet in Inderøy and Lake Snåsavatnet. If you do not have skates, you can perhaps use a kick sled!

There are places to stay nearby that also offer activities.  Mokk Gård in Ogndalen offer guided snowshoeing tours and ice fishing and Føllingstua Camping on the edge of Lake Snåsavatnet is close to great ski trails and you can fish for trout and char in the lake.

Marsimartnan Winter market 26. – 29. February 2020

Marsimartnan Winter festival in the heritage protected wooden house town of Levanger is a traditional market not to be missed.  Marsimartnan can be traced back to the Vikings age and is built on traditions, quality, culture and history. The town centre is filled with traders and visitors from far and near. Experiences include local food and beverages, exhibitors, concerts, museums, fair ground, the historic Sjøgata street and much more. The highlight of the market is the torch parade on the Friday night where the whole city centre goes dark and the town is set in a magical atmosphere.

Dog sledding in the Blåfjella-Skjækerfjella national park

Dog sledding is a fantastic activity that can give you a lifetime of memories. You get a real sense of speed and a wonderful nature experience simultaneously. Snow, wind and noises come closer when you are hurtling across the snowy landscape behind four-legged happy  huskies.
Whether you are a family, group of friends, or a small business that fancy an exciting wilderness experience, dog sledding can really be recommended. Sitting in the sled or steering it, this is an Activity you are sure to want to experience again!
In Innherred, Sporbryter Sledehundekennel in Steinkjer offer everything from day trips to 8-day trips in and around Blåfjella – Skjækerfjella Nasjonal Park.

Indoor activities

Don’t fancy snow activities outdoors? Why not try the following:
Steinkjerhallen, Steinkjer – Challenge yourself on the climbing hall and the bouldering room at Steinkjerhallen.
Escape Room, Inderøy: Escape Room is a social game for groups, 2-6 people, where you look for keys, find codes and solve tasks. You must solve the mystery within 60 minutes. Perfect for groups who want to do something fun together – the group of friends, family, young and old. No physical exertion – just working the brain cells that operate with logic.
Lykkeland Steinkjer is Steinkjer’s adventure centre for people of all ages is: Lykkeland is an indoor play centre  filled with physical challenges for children of all ages. In the same building they offer Laseland – laser tag games and Bowling –  with eight bowling lanes, two shuffle boards and a restaurant.
Dampsaga Bad og Gym, Steinkjer – Treat your family to a day at Dampsaga Bad and play in the water with slides, activity pool and jacuzzi and much more.
Trønderhallen, Levanger: Challenge yourself on the climbing hall and the bouldering room or take a swim in the swimming pool.

Stay in a tree top cabin or indulge in winter glamping

If you want to experience staying in a cabin that is somewhat unusual, we highly receommend Spettspiret at Letnes Farm in Inderøy. Spettspiret is a cabin in the tree-tops, hidden away from the everyday stress of life. Imaging enjoying the fantastic view over the Beistadfjorden and relaxing in the hot tub outside in among the Winter scenery!

Treat yourself to a night of glamping by the fjord in a magical igloo at the water’s edge at Trones in Verdal. The glass dome at Trones Eye is furnished with luxurious beds, a heater and what you would otherwise need for a comfortable night in the middle of nature. All you hear is the sound of the waves hitting the beach. Imagine lying comfortablystaring up into the clear night sky.

Winter at Innherred – purely magical!

Whatever you choose, we promise you an experience out of the ordinary – just look here!
PS! it is in Norwegian, but just look at that scenry!

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