One after the other, the municipalities of Levanger, Verdal, Inderøy, Steinkjer and Snåsa are lined up along the Trondheimsfjorden, ca. 1 hour north of Trondheim Airport Værnes. The Falstad Centre, Stiklestad National Cultural Center, The Golden Road and Norways Geographical Midpoint are just some of the experiences in Innherred.

The Golden Road

In Inderøy, there are 22 different experiences along the Golden Road. A detour off the E6 where you eat delicious local food from Gangstad Farm Dairy, Gulburet, Øyna and Berg Farm. Enjoy the cultural landscape and the panoramic view at the restauranten Øyna or see the art at Galleri Mitsel and  Nils Aas Artworkshop. Visit Inderøy Farm Brewery and Inderøy Distillery (Berg Farm) for beer and aquevit experiences.

Saturdays and Sundays in July, you can join  “Nils Aas on the fjord” – a guided boat tour that gives an insight into life and environment in Straumen during the years Nils Aas grew up here. Including perhaps the most important elements that from the start was instrumental in forming an artistic oevre/career that became important for the whole nation. Read more about Nils Aas on the fjord.

You can explore by car – and we can make a tailor made program to suit your wishes or you can explore by bike – rent a bike at Innherred Toruist Office. We recommend hiking from Gulburet to Øyna along one of the many cuktural trails. Biking around the Borgenfjorden is also highly recommended.

Pilgrimmage walks

From Munkeby in Levanger to Stiklestad you can walk around the pilgrim trail St. Olavsleden. A walk of about 19 km, a great day walk.

Hiking for body and soul –  from Troset to Munkeby: a 2 day pilgrimage with a visit to a monastery, local food,qigong and mindfulness in beautiful Trønder landscape! Or join the guided day walk!

Skjækra – the gateway to the national park

Norway’s national geographic midpoint is situated in Steinkjer. From Mokk farm you can go on day hikes or combine with overnight stays in the cabins of Steinkjer kommuneskoger Ogndalsbruket i Skjækra.

Stiklestad summer

Stiklestad National Cultural Centre are open all through the year, but during the summer seasonthere are even more activities for children and adults alike. Enjoy the summer ith a visit and learn about St. Olav and the history surrounding his death.


Innherred has a lot to offer when it comes to fishing. Enjoy fishing from shore or from a boat in the Trondheimsfjorden. Or you can fish in the numeros and fish rich lakes and waters in Levanger, Verdal, Inderøy, Steinkjer or Snåsa. Read more about fishing in Innherred.


Hiking in Innhered offer beautiful nature experiences for all. Youg or old – Innherred has hiking trails to suit you! Recreational hike, mountain hiking or maybe a bike ride?

Skallstuggu is great as a starting point for activities in the area, just 20 km from Levanger city centre: hike from the cabin to Hårskallen mountain at 735 m.a.s.l and enjoy the stunning views of the Trondheimfjord. Alternatively, enjoy som fishing. There is a boat available at Lake Vulusjøen which is just 150 metres from the cabin. The cabin is open in the weekends for dining. They have BBQ spots in the surrounding area, so feel free to take food for barbequeing!

Read more about hiking in Innherred.

Bike rides

Biking Norway accross
It is just 50 km from the fjord in Verdal o the border mountains towards Sweden to the east (colloquially this part of Sweden is called East Trøndelag).Along the way, let yourself be fascinated by the pilgrim history, ancient fortifications and beautiful scenery!  We can make a bespoke program for you, transport your luggage and we have bikes for rent.  Read more about biking accross Norway.


Mountain stays

Can we tempt you with a mountain stay this Summer?
Snåsa Mountain Board have 12 rental cabins in attractive surroundings in the Snåsa mountains – these are excellent bases for fishing, hunting and hiking both summer and winter. These are self catering cabins which must be booked beforehand.

Fancy a mountain trip with luxurious overtones? 

Ismenningen Lodge and Hytteutleie is a fabulous traditional timber lodge in the Snåsa Mountains. Fabulous hikes and fishing waters on the door steps!

Steinkjer kommuneskoger – Ogndalsbruket KF have 3 cabins for rent all year – all fully equipped self-catering cabins.

Visit Innherred offer tour planning for your stay in Innherred. We make bespoke packages with experiences, accommodation and dining to suit your needs and wishes. Contact us for a no-obligation offer on+47  74 40 17 16 or


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