Whether you enjoy indoor or outdoor activities, Innherred has a lot to offer you! Hiking, biking, fishing and canoeing in beautiful scenery, staying in a hotel or in a cabin up in the mountains, visiting museums, cultural, historic and culinary experiences – Innherred has something to offer for everyone!

Autumn is upon us and the summer season is now in our past. Many have changed their opening hours and some are closed until next summer. However, you can still enjoy Innherred to its fullest in autumn.

Outdoor activities

For those who enjoy utdoor pursuits, Innherred is a paradise for outdoor activities during autumn, whether it is hiking in the mountains or shorter walks, cycling, fishing or canoeing that rocks your boat.

Car walks

Finnheimen, Røra in Inderøy Foto: Steinkjerfotografen

If you are fond of shorter walks, we recommend heading to Gulburet – remember to pre-order your packed lunch. With Gulburet as a starting point, you can stroll along the coast by following the cultural trail along Børgin all the way down to Straumen. You could also prolong the walk to Øyna, and admire the beautiful panoramic views over Straumen and the Trondheimfjord.

Or what about a hike up to Roaldsteinen in Snåsa, with a fabulous view of the lake Snåsavatnet? In Levanger, Skallstuggu is an excellent base for hiking in the mountain, ie Hårskallen.
Read more about hiking in Innherred…….

Mountain tripsIsmenningen Lodge & Hytteutleie in Snåsa. Photo Ismenningen

If a stay at a cabin with all the comforts and a touch of luxury is what gets you going, look now further than Ismenningen Loge & Hytteutleie in Snåsa! Just 5 metres to the closest fishing water, lovely hiking trails right from the door steps, sauna – just to mention a few of the many activities available..

Snåsa Fjellstyre have 12 attractive cabins in the Snåsa mountains that are great bases for hunting, fishing and mountain hikine, all year round. These are self catered cabins that must be pre-booked at Inatur.no

Steinkjer kommuneskoger – Ogndalsbruket KF har 3 fully equipped cabins for rent all year. Can be booked at  inatur.no
Mountain hiking in skjækra?


Biking at Innherred

På sykkeltur forbi Røli

Innherred has a fabulous cultural landscape and beautiful scenery with short distances between places. Even though the summer is over, Innherred have many thrilling places to visit – Why not explore Innherred by bike? An excellent way to get around is with e-bikes.You still have the experience of biking, but you are able to reach longer distances without exhausting yourself. Visit Innherred hires out “ordinary” bikes and e-bikes.

Why not treat yourself to a weekend in Innherred with our package offer: Around the Borgenfjorden by bike with accommodation.
Many also choose to experience the Ytterøy Island – the pearl of the Trondheimfjord by bike.

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Fishing in InnherredSnåsafjell Fiske -Foto Olgeir Haug
Innherred has many wonderful areas for fishing. You can try your luck fishing in the Trondheimfjord; from land or from a boat. Or why not go fishing in the many lakes and rivers rich in fish in Levanger, Verdal, Inderøy, Steinkjer or Snåsa.

An ideal weekend activity for families and friends and fishing enthusiasts could be heading into Ogndal where you can enjoy free fishing in over 50 lakes belonging to Steinkjer Kommuneskoger – Ogndalsbruket KF. You cancombine fishing wtih hiking around in the beautiful area of Skjækra, stay overnight in the various rental cabins available, or maybe just drive all the way to the cabin and hike in the surrounding area.

If you want an a guided fishing experiences, we can recommend Catch and Eat med Go Fishing.

See here for more information about Fishing in Innherred.


CanoeingKanotur i Ogna
Canoeing in Ogna is highly recommended. Rent canoe, wests and choose your starting point. Book canoe here.


Guided tours of the caves and mines at Mokk FarmGruve 2x1

Not far from the farm there are limestone cave og copper mines from the 17th-century. These are well worth a visit. Mokk farm offer guided tours of the cave and the mines for groups and they provide all the equipment needed. Why not make a weekend of great experiences with hiking around the area of the farm, accommodation and food service is also on offer at Mokk farm.

Shortened opening hours after the summer season

The Golden Road

See here for an overview of the different opening hours along the Golden Road in Inderøy. Be aware that some have shortened their opening hours, while others have closed their doors until next summer and/or only receive pre-arranged visits.  Markens Grøde – along the Golden Road is October – more information to come.
Inderøy- Foto Steinar Johansen

Egge Museum

Now closed until next summer, but Egge Museum has a lot to offer for groups throughout the year, tourist buses, corporate groups or associations. This must be pre-booked and the museum is always flexible in adapting the visists according to the clients wishes and needs. The Egge area is also a beautiful area for walking and hiking, i.e the Sigrid trail.

Fylkesmannsgården, Egge Museum

Stiklestad National Cultural Centre

“Stiklestad Summer” is over for this year, but they happily welcomes groups and visits all through the year and have a rich menu of experiences. Contact us for more information.
Stiklestad; Hallgjerd og Illuge Foto: Janne Amalie Svit

The Summer Mountain Farms

At Innherred we have numerous summer mountain farms and they are now sadly closed until June next year. Many still welcome pre-booked visits by groups. Contact us for more information.


Burial Grounds and Rock Carvings

Innherred has a central place in Norwegian history and is especially rich in ancient monuments like burial mounds and rock carvings. Get on a bike or  explore by car and plan a historic tour among beautiful scenery. OBS Bølabua next to Bølareinen is now only open for drop-in guests on Sundays in the autumn.


Indoor activities

Lekeland and LaserlandBarnelek på Lykkeland

Your children will appreciate a visit to Lykkeland – North Trøndelag’s first and only indoor play. Relax in the cafe while the children gets rid of their excess enerygy playing on the many play equipment.
Laserland: Laser tag is an exciting and fun activity suitable for everyone between the ages of 8-100. A game filled with adrenalin and suspense. Are you ready for a fight?


WaterparkVannlykke Dampsaga

Do you want to go for a swim, but feel it is too cold to swim in the sea? Why not visit Dampsaga Water Park & Gym, a complete facility for the whole family. Here you will find a 42 m water slide, diving tower, 25 m swimming pool, a heated pool, water fall, whirl pool, saunas, play pool and more. In addition to fitness centre, spa area and cafe.


MuseumsNils Aas kunstverksted, Inderøy, Gyldne Omvei

If visiting a museum agrees with you more, we recommend Saemien Sijte – South Sami Museum and Cultural Centre in Snåsa or Nils Aas Kunstverksted i Straumen på Inderøy.


Cosy cafesØrens meieri

Innherred have many cosy cafes to choose from. How aboutlovely coffee and tasty delights in the form of  newly baked buns at Marens bakeri in Straumen? Visit one of the cosy shops in Steinkjer city centre before treating yourself to refreshments and the “towns best cinnamon rolls” at før du slår deg ned med litt drikke og “byens beste kanelsnurrer” på Chef – North-Trøndelag’s first and only food hall.


KORTMANS CANDLE FACTORY AND PICK-UP DINER Pick-Up Diner 2 hos Kortmans Lysfabrikk

With the days just getting shorter and shorter, you can create great moods with f.ex hurrican lamps and Kortmans Candle factory in Vuddudalen in Levanger have a large selection of candles for all occasions. Their Pick-Up Cafe has also become an attraction in its own right with American inspired 50’s pstel decor and burger menu.


ACCOMMODATION IN INNHERREDSTrømnes - oldefars hus, langs den gyldne omvei

Innherred has a varied selection of accommodation. Whether you want to stay quietly by the water or more centrally located close to the towns centre, there is very short distances between the various locations in Innherred. Most hotels and other types of accommodation are open year-round.


Welcome to Innherred this autumn!!