Vibrant history for the whole family in lovely surroundings. Find shops and craftsmen in the city street. Maybe you would like to buy some candy off the shop maid?

Visit the open air museum and get a glimpse of how it was to live on a medium sized farm during the last half of the 1800s. There are often activities and demonstrations; eg baking, crafts or farm work done the old way. The audience gets involved and can, if they wish, participate during their visit. Guided tours of the museum happen continuously during the day.

For the children:
There are a lot of exciting happenings for small and big children at Egge Museum during the summer season.

The museum opens for the summer season with a Childrens Day, a whopping family event with lots of activities throughout the museum area.

There are animals at the open air museum throughout the summer and the children have ample opportunities to interact with them.

It is fun to jump in the hay and maybe the maid will let you taste some of the freshly baked goods.

The children can get behind the counter in “The Little General Store/Den lille krambod” and sell merchandise or serve the customers fresh coffee.

There are many old tractors in the agricultural exhibition that are often of great interest for big and small children.

Egge Museum also has an agricultural department with both permanent and temporary exhibitions throughout the year.

Burial mounds from the Viking era  can be found like pearls on a string along both sides of the road leading to the courtyard of Egge Farm – a  chiefdom with a 1000 year old history  and well known from the Sagas.

The mightiest Viking chiefs resided here: Trond Haka, Olve and Kalv Arnesson, the latter was among those who gathered the farmers in the battle agains Olav Haraldsson in the Battle of Stiklestad in 1030.
There is today a reconstructed manor garden from early 1900 at Egge courtyard. Enjoy the beautiful view of the city or stroll along the burial mounds on Sigrid’s Path/Sigridstien .

Egge Museum have lots to offer throughtout the year. The museum has put together 4 tour suggestions suitable for many types of groups, whether it is bus groups or clubs and organisations on an excursion. These must be booked in advance and the museum is always flexible to the needs of the customers. Please contact the museum for information about these tours.