This wonderful short cycling trip in Straumen and the surrounding area really offers the best of the Trøndelag cultural landscape. Make a detour to Øyna and enjoy the view!

See Sykkeltur Straumen in a larger map

Length: 6.6 km roundtrip
Level: Easy
Map: Inderøy map (free), but not necessary to complete the bike ride

Route description: Parking in the centre of the Straumen by the Prix supermarket and Nils Aas Kunstverksted (art studio). Start by Nils Aas art studio and follow the road towards the Muustrø Park, over the Muus Bridge and further along the fjord on Vangslivegen. After a short while the road turns upward and to the right – and you can see Sakshaug Church at the top of the road

Turn left and ride beside the fjord along the bay. On the other side, you will meet a gravel tractor road. Take this up through the farmyard and continue until you meet the sealed main road. Keep left and follow this road down to the quay (Sundneshamn). Turn right along the gravel road and follow this. After a while this becomes the way a path that ends at JægtvoldenFjordhotel.

Follow the main road, which turns right towards the hinterland. After nearly 1 km you will pass Sundnes distillery and Sundnes farm on your left. Keep left and follow the main road along the lane until you meet route 755 after a gentle incline. Cross the main road and take the gravel road up past Sakshaug old church and past the museum.

Recommended detours: Take the road to the left at Sakshaug old church and continue up to Øyna – right at the top on the “Roof of Inderøy”. Open daily during the summer season. This is an excellent place for lunch or a break, as well as a variety of activities.

Follow the gravel road until it swings to the left. At this point continue straight ahead and downhill on the walking and bike path. At the bottom of the hill you will pass Inderøy Sports Park on the right and municipal administration building on the left. Continue straight through the roundabout past the cultural centre (on the left side after the roundabout). Follow the road, which now turns left, and turn right at Vennavegen.

Continue on Vennavegen until it meets route 755, go over and turn left towards downtown Straumen. If you have time, it’s well worth stopping at the Muustrø Park on the way down!



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